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Headbanz Game Review

Headbanz Game Review – review of the game Headbanz for kids. Headbanz is the latest hit game in our house. Lately, I’ve been considering my interests when selecting games for my kids. I knew Headbanz would be a fun game, so I bought if for my daughter and she loves it, too.

The concept in Headbanz Game is basic. Each player wears a headband. They place a card in the slot of the headband so they can’t see it. They have to guess what is on the card by using their creativity and asking questions (Am I an animal?, Do I eat bugs?, Do I swim?). It’s a game of “What am I?” The first player to guess correctly three times wins the game.

We even took Headbanz to a party and other partygoers jumped in to play. There was very little learning curve and everyone enjoyed the game. The game sparks a lot of creativity, laughter and some challenging thinking.

Headbanz Game comes with a timer, and I suggest you use it. Sometimes the kids get really stumped and the game can begin to move very slowly.


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