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Heroes A2Z Book Author David Anthony Interview

Heroes A2Z Book Author David Anthony Interview – review of Heroes A2Z book and interview with author David Anthony. 

Heroes A2Z book is about three children from Traverse City, Michigan who are extraordinary heroes. Abigail and Andrew are twins, and are teamed with baby Zoe in a different adventure for every book in the series.

My son read #9 Ivy League All-Stars and #10 Joey Down Under. He liked them both and his interest was piqued by the references to the local cities and sights.

Heroes A2Z Book #9 of the series is about an all-star baseball game between two local teams. The home team is the heroes’ team, the Traverse City Salmon. Their opponent is the Garden City Sprouts team. They are set to play at Comerica Park. The Garden City Sprouts cheat their way through the game and even capture the heroes to clone them into veggie villains. Read the book to find out how the heroes save the day.

Heroes A2Z Book #10 is about the heroes taking a trip to Mackinac Island and celebrating Australian Days, a parade filled with animals from Australia. Something is amiss and the heroes encounter a dangerous boxing kangaroo, and a kid named Joey and his odd boomerang that has powers. The heroes need to act fast to stop the madness and save Mackinac from being taken over.

The authors of the series are David Anthony and Charles David Clasman. I interviewed David Anthony to find out more about the series.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – Have you lived in Michigan your whole life?

David Anthony Author of Heroes A2Z –  Yes. Most of it in Oakland County too. I grew up in West Bloomfield and attended Walled Lake schools. I live in West Bloomfield now. Co-author Charlie is also from Oakland County. He grew up in Waterford and now lives in Oxford.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – How did you come up with the concept to have children be the heroes?

David Anthony Author of Heroes A2Z –  Because no one wants to read stories about a superhero adult who wears a diaper. Seriously, though, Charlie and I write for our  kids. He has a daughter and I have three sons. Our children are our biggest inspiration. We started writing children’s books for them.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – Why did you select Traverse City to be the home town for the heroes?

David Anthony Author of Heroes A2Z – People all over the Great Lakes region know Traverse City. Many have even visited. TC is big enough to have a little of everything, yet it retains a small town feel. I also spent my summers growing up in the Grand Traverse area. Traverse City has always been my second home.

Lisa LaGrou of Oakland County Moms – How many books have you written so far in the series and are you still adding more?

David Anthony Author of Heroes A2Z – We’ve written 11 Heroes A2Z books and plan to write 26 total, one for every letter of the alphabet. The book titles are alphabetical. The first begins with the letter “A” (Alien Ice Cream). The final book will begin with “Z.” Our newest book in the series is #11: Kung Fu Kitties.


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