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Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Review

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Model #AP10CR1W review, pics, and info. The Hisense boasts 10000 BTU output, you simply need to install the (included) window ventilation kit and you’re ready to plug it in. The Hisense 10000 BTU AC also comes with a wireless remote control complete with night glow buttons and an easy-to-read digital display. Coverage is promised to 300 square feet.

I purchased this non-window mounted “portable” unit for my Northern Michigan home. My “Up North” home is equipped for central air but AC isn’t needed much in those parts so I felt central air would be a waste of money. I decided against a bulky window mounted unit because I didn’t want to spoil any views. I purchased this unit for just over $300 at Lowe’s.

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Model #AP10CR1W Pics

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Model #AP10CR1W Review – The Bad

This unit isn’t very “portable” as it checks in at almost 65 lbs. The “easily installed” window kit wasn’t extremely simple but it was simple enough. My window was slightly irregular so the kit didn’t form fit as perfectly as promised (see pics), but I was able to jury-rig to seal relatively well. The window kid seal, tape and unit isn’t of the greatest quality but it does get the job done. The unit is a bit louder than I’d like it to be. If the room temperature is near 80 degrees and you want to get it to 72 degrees, be prepared for a low roar as the machine kicks off on “high” to start the cooling process.

Once the unit is set and attempts to bring the room temperature down to the temperature you desire, the fans switch from high to medium to low to lessen the noise… but it is still quite loud. I also noticed discrepancies with the “set temperature”. Once set temp is reached, the unit shuts off (imagine going from a roar to sudden silence while you’re trying to sleep). In short, it turns itself on and off too much (noisily).

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Model #AP10CR1W Review – The Good

Even considering my above complaints, this really is powerful, affordable air conditioner. It comes with casters which is a godsend for transporting this beast. Though not as quiet as I had hoped, it really does kick out the cool air in a hurry. Even though it is loud, it seems very well-built and the unit doesn’t labor in any way. One press of a button and the top vent opens up like R2D2 and starts spitting out chilled air in a hurry. Everything about this air conditioner is easy to operate. The remote control is very handy, and the digital displays are easy to read. The unit allows you to use auto cool and even comes with a sleep mode.

Overall, I’d give the Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Model #AP10CR1W 4 out of 5 stars. The affordability and performance outweigh the noise issues.

My usage for this review, I would simply turn on the unit, set my desired temperature, then leave the room (and close the door). I’ve learned to “pre cool” my bedroom before I sleep so I don’t have to turn it on and try to sleep through the noise issues.

Hisense Portable Air Conditioner Model #AP10CR1W Overall

  • Affordable
  • Works Great
  • Pretty Noisy (Especially noticable When Turning Itself On and Off)
  • Convenient Remote and Features
  • Bulky but Powerful
  • Well-Built

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