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Holiday Living Christmas Lights Review

Holiday Living Christmas Lights Review – review of Holiday Living brand Christmas Lights. This year marks the 10th Christmas in this home for me and my family. Since we moved in, I have (for the most part) been using the same Christmas lights. These suckers are pretty durable!

Last year, I decided to add to the collection since my husband is a fan of the multi-colored lights. I found these 8mm lights that are slightly larger than the typical lights. I bought four boxes of 100 ct. indoor/outdoor lights. Here is my Holiday Living Christmas Lights Review,

The brand name was Holiday Living. I think I purchased them at Lowe’s. I used them last year for the first time. No problems. But when I went to set them up this year, three out of the four strands did not work properly! Because 75% of them are now in the trash (I never do well with replacing bulbs and fuses), my conclusion is that this is no coincidence or stroke of bad luck. These lights just stink.

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