Holly Oaks ORV Park 2023

Holly Oaks ORV Park review, pics, video and info. Holly Oaks ORV Park is an all new off-road vehicle park located off Dixie Hwy at the Mt Holly entrance in Holly, MI. The park is operated and maintained by Oakland County Parks & Recreation.

The Michigan DNR wanted to offer an opportunity for legal, public off-road vehicle recreation in the Metro Detroit area, and this is definitely it!

The ORV Park just opened on September 17, 2020 and currently offers approximately 113 acres of ORV trails obstacles. It is expected that by 2023, the full 235 acres will be operational. The park was built based on the recommendations made by ORV users with decades of experience who took a long look at land to be used for the park and proposed a series of Adventure Areas highlighting a variety of riding experiences “from the mild to the wild.”

Holly Oaks ORV Park Pics

Each Adventure Area is uniquely themed and is built according to the landscape left behind by the site’s previous miners. Most of the areas are designated as “Pick Your Own Adventure.” Basically, there are many options to choose from. So, as you enter the park, you’re free to explore and choose the path that you want to ride. It’s all a big open space of different adventures. There are steep hill climbs, rubble crawls, a Shotcrete crawl (25,000 square feet of shotcrete applied to the top of Mt. Magna and sculpted to simulate rock forms), gravel hills, log climbs, flooded trails, and more. A 2-mile Endurance Trail has also been added so riders can circumnavigate the site through the landscape, like a roller coaster off the rails. OCM had the opportunity to give the park a try and it is the real deal. If you’re a fan of off-roading, this is a dream come true and offers more levels and adventures in one massive area than you could ever imagine or hope for. You will find a link to more info about the Adventure Areas as well as a park map here www.oakgov.com/community/oakland-county-parks/parks-trails/holly-oaks-orv-park

NEW For 2023

Construction of a new Youth Riding and Youth Skill Oasis area is nearly finished and will be dedicated to young motorcycle and all-terrain vehicle riders of all abilities to explore off-road driving and build their comfort level in the park. The new area features wide range of surfaces and terrain in the skill development area for new riders of all ages to practice their skills. There will be an overlook area for family viewing, riding breaks and educational training. The Youth Riding Area & Skill Oasis is scheduled to open May 20, 2023.

Holly Oaks ORV Park 2023 Hours & Tickets Info

The daily vehicle entry rate is $30/vehicle. The season pass is $199 and allows entry into Holly Oaks for the entire 2023-24 season – until March 31, 2024. You can purchase tickets here.

Daily vehicle entry tickets can be purchased online up to five days in advance at OaklandCountyParks.com. In addition to the daily vehicle fee, an annual DNR ORV license and trail permit are needed to enter the park.

Hours of Operation
April – OPENING DAY – 4/22 – Saturdays & Sundays through April. Hours – 10a-8p Saturdays & Sundays.

May – Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays plus Memorial Day. Hours – 10a-8p Saturdays & Sundays. 2p-8p Fridays & 10a-8p on Memorial Day.

June – Thursdays through Sundays. Hours – 10a-8p Saturdays & Sundays. 2p-8p Fridays. Select Thursdays are Special Event Days with 4p-8p hours.

July – Thursdays through Sundays. Hours – 10a-8p Saturdays & Sundays. 2p-8p & Fridays. Select Thursdays are Special Event Days with 4p-8p hours.

August – Thursdays through Sundays. Hours – 10a-8p Saturdays & Sundays. 2p-8p & Fridays. Select Thursdays are Special Event Days with 4p-8p hours.

September – Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays plus Labor Day. Hours – 10a-8p Saturdays & Sundays. 2p-8p Fridays & 10a-8p on Labor Day. Park is closed for Special Event September 7, 8, 9, & 10

October – Saturdays and Sundays Only from 10a-6p

November – Saturdays & Sundays Only from 10a-5p

December – December 9 & 10 only from 10a-5p


Holly Oaks ORV Park is participating in the Free ORV Weekend. Michigan residents and visitors legally can ride DNR-designated routes and trails without purchasing an ORV license or trail permit. The entrance fee for Holly Oaks ORV Park has been waived by the OCPR Parks Commission. All ORV rules and laws still apply. This includes that all vehicles entering the park must have a 10’ orange flag securely mounted and all ORV riders and drivers must also sign a waiver form before entry. For more information, call 248-653-0710. FREE Days for 2023 Include June 10, June 11, August 19, & August 20.

Holly Oaks ORV Park
13536 Dixie Hwy, Holly, MI 48442

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For more info on or to purchase tickets for the Holly Oaks ORV Park, visit www.oakgov.com/community/oakland-county-parks/parks-trails/holly-oaks-orv-park

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