Home Alone Safety Tips for Kids

Home alone safety tips for kids gathered from babysitting safety classes and home alone classes provided by curriculum from the American Red Cross.

I attended a Home Alone Safety Training class held by Orion Township Parks and Recreation to learn home alone safety tips for kids.

Lake Orion Parks and Recreation holds Home Alone Safety Training Classes (review) periodically and is ideal for children who may find themselves without adult supervision due to a latchkey situation.

I picked up many tips from the class and I will relay some of them here. This is not an attempt to diminish the teachings of a comprehensive class taught by professionals, but hopefully can be used as a handy guide for parents BEFORE they take kids to a class.

The following material is taken from Safe On My Own, A Child’s Guide to Home Alone Safety and was distributed for republication courtesy of Orion Township Parks and Rec.

Home Alone Safety Tips for Kids

  • Prepare – Kids can prepare for home alone time by preparing to set aside meals, homework, clothes, and things to do in preperation for being left alone for a period of time. First, kids should make a list of contact people.
  • Coming Home – Arriving home to an empty house can be tense. Make sure to walk with a group of friends and never take short cuts. Make sure someone knows what time you can be expected at home and don’t forget to call that person to check once you reach home. Make sure everything looks normal as you approach your empty house. Go to a trusted neighbor’s house if something doesn’t “look right”.
  • Home Alone – NEVER open the door for a stranger. Develop a plan to contact someone when you arrive home. Keep the door locked and talk through it if someone knocks or rings the bell. Make easy sandwiches and snacks that don’t involve dangerous appliances and make sure you know where flashlights and first-aid kits are in the house. If a fire starts in your home, don’t try to put it out. Get out of the house and call for help. Never tell a stranger or someone on the phone that you are home alone.
  • Simple First Aid – for small cuts, wash with soap and water and cover with a bandaid. For nosebleeds, lay back with an icepack on the back of your neck until it subsides – don’t blow your nose. For small burns, run cool water over it and put a bandage on it. Call 911 if you or someone hurts their head or sustans a serious injury. Apply direct pressure to a severe wound and call for help.
  • Have an Escape Plan – In case of an emergency like a fire, make sure you know a quick way to get to a safe place out of your house. If there is a fire – Get Out, Stay Out, and Get Help.

How Kids Can Enjoy Home Alone Time Alone (Things To Do)

  • Doing homework or chores
  • Reading a book
  • Playing games
  • Enjoying a snack
  • Make a birthday card or surprise for your family
  • Call a friend if you get lonely
  • Have fun but be safe!

Orion Twp Home Alone Training workshop follows the American Red Cross Curriculum and is offered seasonally. Crittenton Hospital holds regular Babysitter Safety Training Classes which goes even beyond home alone safety tips for kids in terms of content.

See related posts below for more info on the Orion Township Home Alone Safety Training Program. See aap.org for more home alone safety tips for kids.

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