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Home Depot Brand Lifetime Warranty Review

Home Depot Brand Lifetime Warranty Review – review of the Home Depot brand lifetime warranty as it relates to sump pump.

Our house is conveniently surrounded by “privacy” hills.  They are great for sledding in the winter and a whipping fast slip n slide in the summer. But, these convenient hills that hide us from the golf course parking lot also do a number on our sump pump.

Since moving into our house in 2000, we have replaced our sump pump three times. Luckily, we went with the Home Depot brand, Ridgid, that has a lifetime warranty. It’s so easy and so worth it. Each time the sump pump breaks down, we lift it out, bring it to Home Depot, and swap it for a new one. No questions asked.

The only thing I will change the next time it breaks down, is to get a more powerful unit so it will maybe last longer. I am concerned about the longevity of the units. We replaced the last on in November of ’08 and less than a year later, we needed a new one. The man at the store told me it was because we only have the 1/2 HP and we could really use a 1 HP for as frequently as ours runs.

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