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Hoover Spin Scrub Review

Hoover Spin Scrub Review – review of the HOover Spin Scrub vacuum cleaner / carpet cleaner. My mother-in-law purchased a Hoover Spin Scrub vacuum cleaner style carpet cleaner, and swore by it. She told me she once had her carpets professionally cleaned after they had some drywall work done, but felt she could have done a better job herself with her own Hoover Spin Scrub.  So I asked her if I could borrow her Hoover Spin Scrub.

We don’t wear shoes in the house, we have no pets, and we only eat at the table, but I figured we still really needed a good cleaning. Boy was I right.

Hoover Spin Scrub did an amazing job. It was easy to use and the water was quite dirty – yuck! But the carpets looked awesome after.

My mother-in-law purchased Hoover Spin Scrub at Sam’s Club. She says if it ever broke down, she’d be back there within minutes to get another one. It’s a Hoover Spin Scrub and it works great on tiled floors as well.

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