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House of Pies Alanson review and info. House of Pies is located at 4577 North US 31 in Alanson, Michigan. It falls on the path my family and I take every time we visit the Petoskey/Harbor Springs area.

House of Pies is basically just a house by the side of the road on US 31. Inside, the house has been converted into a small bakery and kitchen. For some goofy reason, we could not pass up a visit to a place that calls itself the House of Pies.

In a word, the House of Pies Alanson is tremendous. The House of Pies is a family business that bakes everything fresh daily in the early morning hours. You will find all kinds of pies, cookies, donuts, dessert breads, cakes, and more. We’ve tried the pies and they are the best we’ve ever had. We begged the House of Pies to start drop-shipping these beauties, but I don’t think they are running with that idea any time soon. If they did, they’d be millionaires. One can only hope.

Some of the pies they offer include the typical fruit pies such as cherry, blueberry, 4 berry (AWESOME!), peach… Then you will also find unique twists on some of these fruit pies, e.g. blackberry sour cream, rhubarb custard, wild blueberry and more. House of Pies also sells cream pies (coconut, banana, pineapple, and chocolate), butterscotch, peanut butter, french silk, lemon meringue, key lime, custard, mincemeat, pumpkin, sweet potato, and more. It’s easily the most difficult pie decision you’ll ever have to make.

The House of Pies baked goods are also very tempting. I still hope to one day try the German Chocolate Chip Cookie that had a center of coconut gooeyness. What’s great is that the House of Pies serves slices and single servings of many of their offerings so you can “sample” to your heart’s delight.

If you’re headed up north and you love destinations you could never find “down-state”, this is a definite dessert destination you won’t want to miss. Good ole simple country-style baked goods.

The House of Pies also has sugar-free fruit pies available.

House of Pies Alanson MI
4577 North US 31
Alanson, Michigan 49706

House of Pies Hours
Monday – Saturday
9a – 6p
(Fall 9a – 5p)
Sundays noon – 5p

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For more info on House of Pies Alanson, call 231-347-6525

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