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How Old is Too Old for Trick Or Treating?

How Old is Too Old for Trick Or Treating? I guess this question goes back a generation or two. No one ever told me I had to hang up the pillowcase when I was kid, I lost interest in it earlier than most kids do (especially nowadays) and stopped in 6th or 7th grade. Ditto for my husband.


How Old is Too Old for Trick Or Treating?

I can recall my folks quietly mumbling about the older kids trick or treating when they passed out candy “back in the day”. When did I become my parents?


I love passing out candy on Halloween. Everyone loves the little ones clamoring door to door in bulky costumes with their proud parents. No one enjoys the older kids not wearing costumes or perhaps sporting a real moustache and not a costume one. I guess those kids should get the Smarties while the adorable little ones get the full-sized Snickers bars.

My son was only 12 when his interest in trick or treating started waning. He’s an old man in trick-or-treat years. I don’t think I’ll have to think about him being one of “those” kids. And, if he does go out past 12 or 13, he’d better have on a great costume and remember to be polite.

I was on a “mom panel” on Local 4’s “Live In The D” show a couple of years ago and we were asked the trick or treat age question. The other moms on the panel, host Karen Drew and I had fun and just laughed that Halloween and trick or treating is fun for kids of all ages. Sure, we prefer the younger kids. And, of course, there’s no right age when you tell a kid to stop trick or treating. As parents, I’m guessing we all have a lot more to worry about any way.

I guess the how old is too old for trick or treating question answer is that it’s up to the parents to turn off their own porch lights and not answer the door if they don’t want to pass out candy to the kids, regardless of age and… to just appreciate the cute under 5 years old set when they come to the door because they sure won’t stay that way for too much longer.

And for you older kids trick or treating, please just wear a darn costume :) What do you think? How Old is Too Old for Trick Or Treating?

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