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How to Beat the Holiday Blues

How to Beat the Holiday Blues – Tis’ the season to be jolly…but for many, this time of year may bring additional emotional burdens and stress. It may become difficult to put aside negative thoughts and embrace the joy of the holiday season. As you are getting ready for celebrations with family and friends, take time to prepare yourself emotionally with these quick tips. Strive to focus on one tip each day of the week. Spending just a few moments daily, you can reduce overwhelming feelings and negative thoughts allowing you to reconnect with the magic of the season. Here’s how to beat the holiday blues.


How to Beat the Holiday Blues Tips

Remember Relaxation – Through all the hustle and bustle of the holidays; make time daily to nurture yourself with a short, simple & relaxing activity (i.e. read a favorite magazine, listen to favorite music, watch a comedy movie or show).

Physically Pamper – Respect your body. Get plenty of rest & exercise, eat 3 healthy meals, and avoid too much caffeine. Take a bath, get a massage, or go for a swim or sauna soak.

Stop “Shoulds” – We often tell ourselves that we “should” be doing more things and handling more pressures. Be aware of any unrealistic expectations you are putting on yourself. Try to set realistic goals. Be more accepting of your own and others’ limitations.

Think Thankful – Notice the good things that happen throughout the day and try not to dwell on the negative. Be thankful for at least one thing at the end of each day.

Examine Expectations – Try not to set your expectations too high. Those perfect holiday gatherings portrayed in pictures and the media generally aren’t representative of most families.

Share Sorrows – Find a friend or family member you can trust, and discuss your feelings of sadness and anxiety. It may help to know you are not alone. Acknowledge your feelings if you’ve recently had a loss in the family or are separated from loved ones and realize that it’s normal to feel sadness and grief. It’s okay now and then to take time just to cry or express your feelings. By holding them inside, they’ll only last longer.

Picking People – Don’t isolate yourself from other people. Spend time with people who are supportive and care about you. Make new friends if you are alone during special times. Contact someone you have lost touch with. You might also think about volunteering at a community or religious function. Getting involved and helping others can be a great way to lift your spirits and make new acquaintances.

Seasonal depression can be eliminated or at least minimized by taking care of yourself during the holidays. However, these quick tips may not be sufficient if you are experiencing a great deal more stress due to recent grief or loss. If you feel like you are not effectively coping with holiday stress or depression, help is available. Please do not hesitate to contact the Mental Fitness Center for additional resources and referrals and bring peace back into your holiday season.

Contact the Mental Fitness Center at 248-601-3111 and ask about our affordable home consultation program or visit the Mental Fitness Center Website.

How to Beat the Holiday Blues article submitted by Linda Bull MS LLP & Joelle Kekhoua LLP LPC NCP.

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