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How to Flip A Frittata

How to flip a frittata  without a spatula. You don’t absolutely need to flip a frittata—it’s fine to just finish it in the oven. But a flipped frittata gets nicely browned on both sides, and it tends to be slightly taller and lighter than an unflipped one. Flipping a frittata can be far too stressful if you try to conquer it with a spatula. One easier way is to invert a plate over the pan, flip the frittata onto the plate, and then slip it back into the pan.

An even easier way for how to flip a frittata is with Calphalon’s or a similar frittata pan set. When it’s flipping time, you hold the two interlocking helper handles together with one hand, and the main handles together with the other. Then it’s ready-set-flip, and the job is done. Better yet, when you’re not making a frittata, one pan solos as a 10-inch skillet, and the other is a crêpe pan.


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