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How to Help Children with Their ACTs

How to Help Children with Their ACTs – Now that ACTs are no longer administered by schools in Michigan, how can you make sure you’re helping your child enough with preparation for the test? You’ve decided to give them the option to sit the test out of school and you’ll be paying for it, so as a concerned parent, you want to make sure you’re doing all you can to help your child with test preparation. Standardized tests are used by Colleges to help determine your child’s academic potential regardless of their GPA, which is why it’s important your child achieves the best possible ACT scores.


The ACT Test dates for 2024 are now open for registration. The next ACT test date is June 8, deadline to register to avoid late fees is due by 5/3/24. Register HERE.

This How to Help Children with their ACTs has been provided to Oakland County Moms by Janette Duffy, freelance writer and former tutor.

How to Help Children with their ACTs – A Good Grounding
ACTs are not just about about memorizing information, they measure the ability to solve problems. To improve this skill, help your child choose suitably demanding courses at school. Before any extra work is necessary, check that they are keeping up with all the coursework that is required for their classes. Encourage them to read more and then chat to them about the concepts and characters in the books. Nurturing a positive attitude to learning greatly benefits children in school and later on in life.

How to Help Children with their ACTs – Help & Resources
As the ACTs loom closer, it’s time to focus more on their contents and format. One of the most useful ways to become familiar with the tests and improve ability is to practice them as much as possible using FREE ACT practice tests and questions . Encourage your kids to take the tests under exam conditions while you time them so that they get used to the layout and don’t feel so nervous.

How to Help Children with their ACTs – Being Prepared
On a practical level, take your child shopping for all the stationery they need to complete their revision For math, a calculator is essential but it’s important that your child becomes familiar with its functions. Provide a quiet calm area for your child to study, away from distractions. However, if studying becomes stressful, maybe go for a walk or take them to play some sport. Encouraging them to get plenty of sleep is vital too, as a recent study in Scientific Reports showed a link between lack of sleep and poor academic performance.

On the morning of the ACTs, have everything ready beforehand, avoid distracting stressors and prepare your children a nutritious breakfast. Then you can send off them to college, knowing that you have given them a great chance of being the best they can be on the day.


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