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How to Make A Rice Sock

How to Make A Rice Sock – Rice socks not only are effective for soothing and comforting a queasy stomach, they work well as a scarf or heating pad for a drafty, frigid house.

I still have my rice sock from my old Lamaze class days years ago and it still comes in handy from time to time. Back in the day, rice socks were recommended to take the place of the hot water bottle for tummy aches and a low-tech solution for morning sickness.


  • Find an old tube sock (the bigger the better – I used the biggest thermal sock my husband had).
  • Fill the sock generously (until it is near brimming) with plain white rice.
  • Sew the opening shut.
  • Microwave the rice sock on high for a minute, turn it over to mix up the rice and nuke it again for another minute.

Here’s how a rice sock works… Apply the heat of the rice directly on your belly and the heat penetrates a tightened or nauseated stomach. The rice sock is an effective do-it-yourself heating pad.

The shape of the rice sock allows for you to effectively use the heat on any area of the body comfortably that is in need of warm, dry heat. I use mine now mostly to wear as a scarf in our cold basement. The heat lasts a long time and doesn’t require frequent re-microwaving.

Kids love the warming comfort of the rice sock for upset stomachs. It’s safer and easier to manage than a hot water bottle.

I hope you found this how to make a rice sock info useful.

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