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How to Repair Broken Christmas Lights

How to Repair Broken Christmas Lights – Lightkeeper Pro is a device designed to diagnose and fix strands of Christmas lights instantly. Interviewed the owner of LightKeeper Pro to learn more about how his device works. John DeCosmo is going to explain to us how to repair broken Christmas lights using his product.


How to Repair Broken Christmas Lights

There’s an easy solution for burnt out Christmas bulbs – The LightKeeper Pro. I interviewed the owner of the LightKeeper Pro, John DeCosmo about how to repair broken Christmas lights. John founded his own artificial tree business Ulta-Lit Tree Company. One year, the shipment of imported trees was faulty and he quickly hired an engineer to teach him more about the physics behind light sets. They developed the complete solution for incandescent light set repair – the LightKeeper Pro. In 2012, Ulta-Lit introduced the LED Keeper– the only kit able to diagnose and repair LED light sets.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – What does the LightKeeper Pro do? How does it repair broken Christmas Lights?

John DeCosmo, President of Ulta-Lit Tree – The tool fixes all incandescent light sets – the majority of them in seconds. It includes a bulb tester, a fuse tester, a bulb puller, and it has batteries. But, the use of the primary feature is to remove any one bulb from its socket, insert the LightKeeper Pro, pull the trigger a couple dozen times and you’ll see most light sets come on. When we’re fixing it with the trigger, we honestly have nothing left to do. We just fixed the light set. We got that bulb to do what it was always designed to do, and we re-establish continuity of the set. Now, with that said, here’s a great bit of advice. When you see a bulb burned out, replace it. That burnout increases the demise. For example, on a 50 light set, four burned out bulbs increases the demise of that light set by 67%. It puts too much voltage on the other bulbs.

Let’s say the problem is different. Let’s say a squirrel ate through the wire outside, or a bulb fell off your pre-lit tree inside the house…you would need our audible voltage detector then. It can take a few minutes to learn how to use, but it traces to the point of interruption.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – What’s actually happening that fixes the broken light?

John DeCosmo, President of Ulta-Lit Tree – You take a LightKeeper and you look at it inside and you pull the trigger. You’re going to see a blue spark. That’s the same little feature that is igniting gas sometimes. So if you have a light set and you test bulb by bulb and you find one bad bulb and throw that away. That bulb, you don’t have to throw away just yet anymore. We correct the internal bulb failure of that bulb. We perform a microscopic weld and we do it within the bulb. We use the rest of the light set as the travel path.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County Moms – Any storage tips to help prevent bulb outages?

John DeCosmo, President of Ulta-Lit Tree – A little tip people have found helpful, when you take the light sets down at the end of this year, just take a piece of cardboard 6 in x 12 in. Put a little slit in it, put the female receptor of your light set in there, and then just wind it. Don’t put more than one light set on the cardboard. Put one more slit, put the male end in there, and you’ve got the lowest cost storage device that when you go out next year, you’ve got no issues.

Lisa LaGrou Oakland County MomsWhere can we go to find more information? Is it easy to teach people how to repair broken Christmas lights?

John DeCosmo, President of Ulta-Lit Tree – Our website is, and our phone number 888-ULTA-LIT.

For more info on How to Repair Broken Christmas Lights, or Ulta Lit, visit or call 888-ULTA-LIT.

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