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IcoSoKu Jr Toy Review

IcoSoKu Jr Toy Review – review of the brainteaser toy for kids ages 5-10, IcoSoKu and IcoSoKu Jr. IcoSoKu Jr. from recent toys dot com (website)

 is a fun, educational puzzle toy for kids ages 5-10. IcoSoKu Jr. resembles the ever so popular Sudoku. IcoSoKu Jr. is a math-based puzzle like Sudoku but it’s not as difficult so your kids will not get discouraged by it. They will be able to solve the puzzle (with some “work”) and feel proud of themselves.

The concept behind IcoSoku Jr. is using basic addition, focus and strategy to place numbered puzzle like pieces in the right places so that everything adds up. First, place the number buttons on the ball randomly, then match the dots on the puzzle pieces to the numbers. You’ve succeeded when you’ve placed all the dotted tiles correctly so the numbers match the surrounding dots.

The neat part is that it can be done over and over again as a new game every time by taking the number pieces off and placing them back on in a different pattern. The numbers can be re-arranged to create thousands of challenges. And, once your child solves it, you can time him and then have him try to beat his best time.

IcoSoku (the version for ages 6+) just received the 2011 Preferred Choice award. (The Creative Child Awards Program consists of a jury of moms and educators.) IcoSoku is basically the same as the IcoSoku Jr. but the level of difficulty is increased with the number buttons ranging from 1-12 rather than 1-4 like it is on the Jr. version. I hope you found this IcoSoku Jr toy review helpful.

IcoSoku and IcoSoku Jr. are not available in stores but can be found at

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