InnoTab by VTech Tablet Review

InnoTab by VTech Tablet Review – review of InnoTab Tablet, a tablet for kids by VTech. VTech is known for making educational toys. If your child is looking to play on your tablet, VTech’s InnoTab may be a good alternative.

Made for children ages 4-9, the InnoTab is a child-friendly tablet. The InnoTab uses a touch screen, which the kids love and can relate to since it resembles other tablets.

The InnoTab includes a calendar, camera, learning apps (even more available online) that can be tracked, e-reader, music, videos, art studio, note taker, friends info, calculator, clock and more. You can also purchase game cartridges to play on the unit.

VTech provided us with an InnoTab to trial and for giveaway. My kids loved it. They fought over it. I did not download any games to the InnoTab, but I could see how that would greatly expand on the fun for kids.

With the InnoTab, VTech sent a Disney Fairies game. My daughter tried it out. It involved creativity, math, and reading.

Overall, I would say they enjoyed it and my daughter (age 7) really got into putting birthdays, play dates, and special events on the calendar. That alone was a great learning tool for kids with regard to organization, days and dates, spelling…

One suggestion for using the InnoTab – invest in an adaptor or some rechargeable batteries because it will go through batteries quick! I hope this InnoTab by VTech Tablet review is helpful.

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