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Review of As-Seen-On-TV InVinceable Spray Cleaner on ceiling tile stains and carpet stains. Comparison of InVinceable to OxiClean as a stain remover.

InVinceable spray cleaner is an As Seen on TV product that I recently saw a commercial for. The demonstrations of the product in the commercial make InVinceable Spray Cleaner look like the be all end all for stain removers.

The commercial shows InVinceable being used on carpet stains, ceiling tile stains, grout and more. As the Invincible is sprayed, the stains disappear instantly.

It was advertised to get two bottles of InVinceable Spray Cleaner for about $10 plus shipping and handling. I usually don’t fall for these gimmicks but was curious as we have some ceiling tiles with water stains, and we were planning to move a fish tank that had been in our carpeted living room for a good 15 years and we weren’t sure what the condition of the carpet would be once we moved the tank and it’s black-painted wooden aquarium stand.

I went online to purchase the InVinceable cleaning spray. My biggest beef with this product is the ordering process. The up-sell screens that pop up when you’re trying to place an order will easily add 5-10 minutes to the process. And I didn’t even read any if them. I sat there and kept clicking on “no” screen after screen. These up-sells are annoying and concerning to customers.

After finally making it through that mess, I was at the final order page. The problem at this stage was that there wasn’t a summary of the complete costs associated with my order that included what the shipping fee would be. I thought it would show up on the next screen so I processed the order only to find out that it went through and it charged me $13 for shipping! I felt that was a bit high but after trying to back out I realized there wasn’t any option to cancel the order. RIP OFF!

I have since tried to contact the customer service department but have had no luck yet. I will keep trying because I think it’s near criminal to charge my card before I review the final balance. Maybe I missed it and it was on the screen, but I don’t think so.

Now on to how InVinceable worked. I tried it on the water stains on the ceiling tiles in our finished basement… barely faded them. I tried it on the grout in the tub…no miraculous elimination of stains. Then, I used the InVinceable on our stained carpet. Yes, we moved the fish tank out and saw black stains on our light cream carpet and I was left hoping that the InVinceable Spray Cleaner would finally do some wonders.

One more beef before I give away the final results. When you mix the InVinceable Cleaning Spray, it is suggested that you use the entire bottle within eight hours. So now my $23 purchase was turning into a short-term cleaning product rather than something I could have on hand when needed. I don’t recall this being conveyed in the commercial.

All the complaining aside, I was actually pretty pleased with how the InVinceable spray tackled the carpet stain. The stains were definitely faded and barely visible. It wasn’t easy and quick…I went through two bottles and I had to reapply it every half hour or so during the 8 hour life of the mixture. But, I guess I can say it was worth it because nothing else was working. Even the OxiClean was struggling.

Invincable1I haven’t seen the InVinceable spray cleaner commercial since I’ve ordered it, which has me wondering why. But if you catch it, hopefully this input will help you decide if it’s worth the purchase. Maybe too many people complained about the shipping rip off? Maybe the commercial was too unethical?

Anyway, InVinceable spray DOES work well on carpet (even better than OxiClean) but, yes, you do have to use A LOT of product to get the desired results. It works OK on grout – nothing dramatic. The ceiling tile water stains had SOME whitening but the stains are still plainly visable.

Hope this InVinceable Spray Cleaner Review helps.

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