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iTutorToday Online Tutoring Review – Review of iTutorToday, a Michigan-based online tutoring service  designed to provide customized, results-oriented scholastic help for children. The online lessons provide curriculum specific to your state’s educational guidelines and features a support staff of tutors to help students on their path to success.

iTutorToday is my kind of tutoring. The kids get to sit at a computer (which mine love to do) and interact with colorful, fun, activities that don’t even feel like schoolwork. Sure, the lessons are fun but they also pack a serious educational punch backed up by caring iTutorToday staff members. iTutorToday backs their claims with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The online tutoring sessions provided by iTutorToday incorporate fun animals with educational activities that give positive feedback and keep the kids completely entertained and engaged. My kids literally fought over the computer so they could do their tutoring. Honestly, sometimes it’s tough to get my kids to do things that are not related to watching SpongeBob, but when I ask if they want to do the online tutoring, they answer with a resounding YES!

The first part of the iTutorToday online tutoring sessions is an assessment. The kids don’t realize they are being tested since it looks no different than a typical session. It gets easier if a child is struggling, or it increases in level if the child is doing well. Then, a grade level equivalent is assigned and the tutor knows what level to start the student. iTutorToday programs are customized to meet the needs of every student. Because the assessment is so thorough, the iTutorToday program can quickly assesses the greatest needs for improvement and get the ball rolling.

The online tutoring at iTutorToday includes human interaction. The staff at iTutorToday contacts each family with instructions on getting started, and then checks in about two times each week to discuss progress. Our tutor kindly asked to speak with both of my kids on the phone so she could introduce herself. My kids got a real kick out of it and having a support team inspires kids to achieve to impress their tutors. The tutor we speak with is super kind and interacts very well with kids.

What I love about the iTutorToday online tutoring is not only is it fun and interactive, but it also caters to a very large audience. It is an excellent program for the student that needs assistance in a certain subject, but it can also be used for a student that wants to get some extra work in an area that they have strengths in. It can even be a great asset to keep the learning going through summer months. In fact, iTutorToday encourages use during the summer and offers a special deal where if you purchase 10 months of tutoring, you get 2 months of summer tutoring for free.

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