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J and S Property Management Tree Service Review

J and S Property Management Tree Service Review – Review of tree trimming services from J and S Property Management. J&S services Oakland County / Metro Detroit MI.

Living in a designated “Tree City USA” comes with some hefty tree maintainence responsibilities. I could no longer stand bumping my head into low hanging cherry blossom branches and wearing pink petals in my hair.

I got a call from Adam at J&S Property Management to come out and do a free estimate on tree timming at my home. I immediately agreed.



Adam came to my house and reviewed the situation. He explained what he wanted to do and why he wanted to do it. He then came back at a later date with his crew to do the job. J and S Property Management services Oakland County, Macomb County, Lapeer County, Gennessee County and other various locations in SE Michigan.

When his staff came out, they did a quality job. One thing I’m a stickler for is the post cleanup. When someone comes to work on your home, they should leave no mess behind. J&S Property Management raked and cleaned up all the branches and debris when they were done. And the trees looked great. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend J & S Property Management for tree trimming services.

Because the staff was so knowledgeable, I decided to ask them some questions to get better educated on tree maintainence. Here’s the interview:

Oakland County Moms – Other than aesthetics, what are some reasons for getting trees trimmed?

J and S Property Management –  Some reasons to get trees trimmed are:

  • Trees are less susceptible to storm damage once trimmed. By thinning it out, the branches get less wind resistance.
  • By thinning the trees the grass below can grow better.
  • Some trees are too close together and competing for space to grow.
  • Thinning out will keep large branches from cracking due to stress.
  • Trimming trees is good for helping to keep the bugs out. Trimmed trees keep the inside of the trees more aired out and bugs prefer more damp areas.

altOakland County Moms – How often should trees be trimmed?

J and S Property Management –  Every tree is a little bit different and it depends on the soil. Average is every 5-7 years. Some as few as three years if they grow faster and are fertilized.

Oakland County Moms – What “emergency” signs should we look for?

J and S Property Management –  When standing under a tree and looking up you should be able to look up and see the sky. If all you see is green, it’s to thick.

Also if you see any cracking on the branches the tree could be too thick and the wind is pulling too much. Check to see if leaves are

falling off earlier in the fall than usual; there could be something wrong with the tree or nutrients in the soil. Also look for choker roots – roots that circle the bottom of the tree and could “choke” it.

J and S Property Management offers fertilizing to keep trees healthy. This is very helpful because trees tend to suck the nutrients out of the soil. They will also check your tree for disease when they come out to do the estimate. J&S offers treatments to help keep trees alive. alt

J&S Property Management
Adam Shiver/Dave Jenkins


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