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John Salley VegFest Info

John Salley VegFest Info – I spoke with John Salley at this year’s VegFest expo at Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi Michigan this past April.

I always say that an event is worth attending if I can take away at least one great lesson. With VegFest, yes, I enjoyed all of the vendor booths and loved getting ideas about new vegan foods that I could cook. However, it was John Salley’s presentation that inspired me the most.

John Salley VegFest Advice – Novi MI VegFest

I’m fiercely interested and active in healthy eating. To say I’m Vegan isn’t even 100% accurate because there are things Vegans will eat that I don’t, e.g. dessert/sugar, gluten, soda, artificial ingredients, etc. I prefer to choose healthy options in general since for me, being “Vegan” is not a choice based solely on saving animals, but rather combined with the effort to be healthy.

So, I totally appreciated the John Salley VegFest presentation because he focused on healthy choices. He pointed out the positive effects on your body from eating healthy, e.g. your weight, libido, energy, etc. John Salley suggested that we try one thing for starters… drinking a gallon of water each day for 22 days, and not drink anything else. He said this is a great way to detox, and it would help your heart, help you sleep, help your kidneys, liver, skin, libido, hydrate you… so many benefits from such a simple task. I’m half way through and it’s been great. The water needs to be room temperature so your body does not need to adjust. At first you’ll need to pee a lot, but then your body will assimilate and it gets better. One thing he forgot to mention is that you sometimes feel worse before you feel better, but I found some info online that explained this so it all made sense. I’m finding that even once the water detox is done, I might continue drinking the gallon each day. My body craves it now. But, I can’t say that I won’t be mixing some wine back in!

Thank you, John Salley for this useful information that is keeping me healthy! For more info on John Salley and wellness, visit

Looking forward to John Salley VegFest presentation next year.

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