Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant Petoskey

Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant Petoskey review, hours, and menu info – Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is located on Petoskey St. in downtown Petoskey at 309 Petoskey St, Petoskey, MI 49770.

Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant Petoskey Review

Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant is in a little, run down building that offers nothing fancy inside but good eats at decent prices. Although it’s a counter-order style, the menu still has quite a bit to offer…nachos, burritos, Mexican pizza, enchiladas, soft shelled tacos, chili rellenos, poblanos…

You can dine in at Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant in Petoskey. There are a few tables indoors as well as an outside patio for the warmer months. Staff will bring the food to your table once the orders are ready.

There are some interesting hot sauces on the table that add a little zing to the food. It says they’re hot, but they’re really not so hot that they take away from the food. These season the food well.

Once you place your order at the counter, the food is served pretty quickly. Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant claims to serve authentic, down-home Mexican food. The kitchen is a tiny cooking area right by the counter so we couldn’t figure out how they made all the magic happen in that small space. And, not sure who’s down home recipes these were as we didn’t see anyone Mexican in the establishment. But, the food was good. Much better than any of the La Senioritas restaurants in Northern Michigan.

We ordered nachos, a Mexican pizza and a single mini taco. We ordered steak on all three options because they were sold out of chorizo. The steak was sliced thin (kind of like a steak-um) and seasoned well. Other meat topping options were chicken, barbacoa, and pork. Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant also has vegetarian dishes, as well as a seafood option with their shrimp fajitas.

Our favorites from the order were the mini taco and the Mexican pizza. The mini taco was full of flavor… more than what you’d expect from just a taco. You could literally order these by the dozen like White Castles and eat them all. The Mexican pizza was layered with beans, cheese, meat, grilled peppers, etc. and the combination of these all together complemented each in the dish so well.

Personally, I was not a fan of the nachos. Didn’t stop me from eating them, but they just weren’t anything outstanding. The nachos were served kind of cold and they had an orange cheese sauce on them that resembled Cheez Whiz, which to me is very un-authentic.

The prices at Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant are decent and you get a nice portion size to match.

Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant Petoskey
309 Petoskey St, Petoskey, MI 49770
Phone – 231-348-3299

Open daily 11:30a-7:30p – Closed on Sundays.

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For more on Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant Petoskey, call 231-348-3299 or visit their facebook page.

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