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Juicer Reviews

Juicer Reviews – Who makes the best fruit and vegetable juicer? Reviews of Juiceman JR, Jack LaLanne Power Juicer, Omega 8004 juicers.

I’ve recently been doing the juicing thing and am loving it.  Choosing the best juicer proved to be difficult. I took the opportunity to review a few different juicers to determine which one I liked the best and which did the best job. Here, you can read my  juicer reviews on three different machines.

JUICER REVIEW – JUICEMAN JR – Juiceman Jr is a decent juicer. It seemed to struggle with the greens and did not always sucesfully juice them.  Juiceman Jr is easy to take apart to clean, but there are many crevices that get stained that are hard to get into the clean.  I ended up using a magic eraser on it to remove the stains. Additionally, some food parts get sprayed as the juicer is spinning and you end up having to wipe down the immediate area.  As with all the juicers I tested, I lined the pulp container with a plastic grocery bag for easy cleanup.

The pulp was still a bit wet, leading me to believe that some of the juice was wasted.

It is not a very quiet machine. Be prepared to miss some phone calls while this thing is running.

The chute opening is odd, kind of like a peanut shape. So Juiceman Jr looks like it’s big, but you still have to cut things down a bit to fit them.

JUICER REVIEW – JACK LALANNE POWER JUICER DELUXE – A decent price for a good machine, the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer has the largest opening for inserting foods. There is not a great need to chop things down before putting them in.  I think it says not to juice avocado and one other food I can’t remember. I noticed that when I did leafy greens (spinach or kale), it would feel like it was stuck where I had to push the plunger in really strong to get it to juice.  It’s supposed to go down by itself and be “followed” by the plunger.

Clean up is ok. Lots of big parts to wash. The pulp was slightly dryer than that with the Juiceman Jr.

Again, the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer is a bit messy with the splattering of foods around the general vicinity of the machine, due to the mechanisms that juice the foods.

It has a nice drip spout that you can point down to drip the last drops of juice into your glass, and then lift up so it does not drip onto your counter once you’ve moved the glass.

It’s not too quiet to run either.  But, overall, the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer is a good juicer for the money, especially if you are not going to do too many greens.

JUICER REVIEW – OMEGA 8004 – I waited what seemed like forever for Omega 8004. It was behind in production, and I just got it in the mail over the weekend. I’ve used it already and I can see it’s a quality machine.

Out of all three models, the pulp on Omega 8004 was the driest.  The juice was very well strained.  But, if you like, you can strain it even more with the sieve that fits in the top of the juice bucket, but I don’t think this is necessary.

Omega 8004 is also like a food processor. It minces and puree’s food (great for baby food, the elderly, or making fun dishes like salsa or strawberry puree).  You can also make homemade pasta and peanut butter.

It’s a very quiet machine.  I could chat with my kids while juicing and did not have to yell!

It uses an auger, which is different than the other centrifugal brands. It moves slower (which preserves the motor) and from what I’ve heard, this is better for not damaging the enzymes in the food, and it juices the foods better, proven by the dry pulp.

There are several attachments so you can do different things. Not only can you make pasta, but you can do different kinds.  And, there is a blank attachment that allows for the pulp to remain so the effect is more of a puree than juice.

Because it’s an auger style, the opening is small. Be ready to chop things up before putting them in. Also, they juice slower, but this is no big deal. Clean up is about the same as the other units. They all need to be taken apart to clean. Many have claimed that this was the easiest to clean, but it’s all the same to me. Definitely use the provided “toothbrush” that comes with this unit to clean the screen and other parts.

Finally, there is no splattering of food while juicing.  The machine reminds me of a sausage maker.  The pulp falls gently out of the end after going through a spinning churn.

Overall, I would recommend the Omega.  The model I tested is the latest and comes with a 15 year warranty! There are older models that are still available as well, and are also very good machines. I hope you find these juicer reviews help!

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