Jungle Java Farmington Hills Review


Jungle Java Farmington Hills Review – Jungle Java in Farmington Hills, Michigan is a coffee shop cafe-style restaurant with a playscape for kids inside.

Jungle Java Farmington Hills is the epitome of a coffee shop/playscape combo. Here is my review…

I heard about Jungle Java and had to try it out.  Jungle Java is a coffee shop restaurant with a playscape inside.  If you’ve never been to Jungle Java, here’s what Jungle Java is all about. The indoor playscape is huge – the biggest I’ve seen of any indoor playscape outside of Rochester Play. It’s colorful and has a jungle theme. Because it’s so large, it has so many areas and caters to many different age levels. This is probably one of the indoor playscapes that can still entertain the older kids (up to age 9). It even has a separate area set aside for toddlers under three years old.  The playscape is a no shoes zone. Kids can take their shoes and jackets off and put everything into cubbies at the entrance. I suggest bringing extra socks because the kids will be roaming through the restaurant, play areas and restrooms in their socks.

The cost is $8 per child to play (half of that for toddlers ages 12-23 mos), which is not a bad price, especially if you plan to make a day of it. If you do make a day of it, you can dine at the restaurant. The Jungle Java Farmington Hills menu items are fairly priced with adult entrees averaging about $5-$6, and kids about $2-$3.

The play area is vast and entertaining. My kids really enjoyed Jungle Java and were amused for a long time, and would have continued to play for hours if we did not have to leave. There’s usually a bunch of kids playing at Jungle Java at any given time, and they all start playing together and making new friends.

Jungle Java Farmington Hills
27658 Middlebelt Rd
Farmington Hills, Michigan
(248) 919-3284


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