KaleidoScoops And Rendezvous Caffe Waterford Review – Pics

KaleidoScoops And Rendezvous Caffe Waterford Review – Pics – A cafe, deli, and an ice cream shop all intertwined under one roof. That’s what you’ll find at KaleidoScoops and Rendezvous Caffe in Waterford. It’s like three separate rooms of a house and each one is serving up something different.

KaleidoScoops offers more than 40 flavors of delicious ice cream. It’s been open for about a year now and draws in the crowds, especially during the summer months. My fave flavor, More Cowbell, a flavor exclusive to KaleidoScoops that’s an explosion of chocolate. Plus, it’s named after the Saturday Night Live skit, “More Cowbell” that starred Will Farrell and Christopher Walken. They don’t just name any ice cream after an SNL skit.


Rendezvous Caffe is in another room off to the left of the ice cream shop. It’s a cozy, warm room with a corner reserved for live music on Friday and Saturday nights, including some open mic opportunities. It’s so inviting and makes for a great place for a group of friends looking to hang out and grab some joe.

Stemming off of the Caffe is the deli which serves up paninis, wraps, salads, soups, pastries, and more. I was too full on ice cream, so I’ll have to go back and try one of the paninis, or maybe a Chicago dog, or a salad. There are more than 10 sandwiches to choose from, four salad favorites, and dogs and sides.

So, start the day early with some coffee at Rendezvous, and work you way down to dessert at KaleidoScoops.

KaleidoScoops And Rendezvous Caffe Waterford
7766 Highland Rd.
Waterford, Michigan

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