Klutz Clay Charm Maker Review

Klutz Clay Charms Review

Klutz Clay Charm Maker Review – review of Klutz Make Clay Charms kit for bracelets and necklaces. The Clay Charms bracelet kit comes fully stocked with several different colored clays, clay shaping tool, glaze, a charm bracelet, and a book full of instructions.

With all the clay and the instruction book that comes with the Klutz Clay Charm Maker kit, my daughter has everything she needs to make clay charms that she can hook onto the bracelet. The clay charms are totally adorable. There are many to choose from… little miniature clay forms of an octopus, penguin, bunny, lollipops, burgers, tacos, and so much more. The step by step instructions really guide you through the process so you can end up with the cutest clay figurines to use as charms on your bracelet. My daughter had sculpted a donut, ice cream cone and octopus within an hour… all baked, glazed and ready to go.

Each Klutz Clay Charm Maker figurine has added “cuteness” as kids are encouraged to draw a smiley face on each creation with a fine tip Sharpie marker before glazing. It’s funny how the simple smiley face brings each charm to life.

We’re extremely happy with the Klutz Clay Charm Maker kit and were even more thrilled that my daughter loves it so much and has hours of fun with it… mostly because she’s having fun and SUCCESS with the creations. There’s no frustration that her clay charms don’t look like those pictured on the box. That’s because they DO look like the pictures on the box. I even heard my daughter say she was proud of herself!

Even though I consider my daughter to be pretty creative, I don’t think I could have bought her a bunch of clay and had it result in all the cute figurines like she’s making with this Klutz Clay Charm Maker kit. All the ideas and step by step guide really make it easy for the kids to come up with some great clay charm creations.

I highly recommend this Klutz Clay Charm Maker kit for craft-lovers.

Make Clay Charms
by Klutz
Ages 8 and Up
Includes – 60 page book, 9 bright colors of clay, charm bracelet, clay shaping tool, glaze, charm loops and jump rings, and a drying and display stand.

I bought my daughter’s Klutz Clay Charm Maker kit for $19.99 at Target. I found this store online that sells Klutz merchandise that has more info on the company.

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