Knitly Dog Puzzle Toy Review

Knitly Dog Puzzle Toy review, pics, and video – I only recently heard about these dog puzzles and was intrigued because our dog has so much mental energy. He is very smart and seems to be thinking all the time. Because of his food allergies, there aren’t any long lasting chews he can wear himself out on. A dog puzzle seemed like the perfect way for him to be entertained and stimulated.

Knitly Dog Puzzle Toy Pics

I found this dog puzzle on Amazon and liked the level of difficulty, the puzzle moves, and the price. The center of the dog puzzle has a squeaky button, which unfortunately arrived pressed inward so it’s not something our dog can really use, but we can push it in for him for fun. The surrounding parts slide back and forth within three types of hidden compartments where you can either put their food or treats. I’ve heard some pet owners put the actual dog food in these compartments to help with dogs that are fast eaters. This dog puzzle would definitely slow down a feeding session. For our dog, we used bits of our dog’s treats in the compartments.

Knitly Dog Puzzle Toy Video

It did not take long at all for our dog to figure out how to use the dog puzzle. I started with the easier compartments first until he got used to using his paws to move the parts around. I then incorporated the more difficult dog puzzle pieces. He loved figuring out how to get to the treats. I could tell it was very rewarding for him. I would say he stuck with it for about a good 10 minutes. He probably only stopped because I didn’t want to give him any more treats!


This dog puzzle claims to be at the easy level. Additionally, it helps with boredom and claims to reduce destructive behavior. Dog puzzles also improve the dog’s intelligence, provide mental stimulation, and help to slow down eating. I loved that this dog puzzle is BPA free, and can be easily cleaned with water or thrown into the dishwasher. This dog puzzle also has an anti-slip rubber pad bottom, but even small our dog was still able to knock it around a bit as he was happily pawing at the different compartments to get them to slide open.

No one paid me for this product review. I did not receive this product for free to review. I receive zero compensation if you purchase one.

To purchase the Knitly Dog Puzzle Toy, use this Amazon link.

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