Kobalt Power Inflator Review

Kobalt Power Inflator Model #KLDP1 review, pics, info and comparisons to other portable inflators. I purchased my Kobalt Dual (home & car) Power Inflator from Lowe’s for under $50. I bought this unit to replace a $15-$20 portable Husky unit (120 Volt Home Only Use). I was satisfied with the Husky Unit but, despite my babying the unit with delicate usage, the air house eventually developed a tear and Husky does not to sell replacement hoses. This Kobalt Inflator is higher-priced, but has numerous features the Husky tire inflator did not. Let’s check it out.

Kobalt Power Inflator Review

Kobalt Power Inflator Model #KLDP1 has awesome features for a unit priced under $50 AND it’s VERY easy to use. It’s light-weight, portable, and has convenient boxes for cord storage wraps and accessories storage. The attractive unit includes 120 Volt AC Power Cord, 12 Volt DC Power Cord (with cigarette lighter attachment for power), raft nozzle, sports needles, presta valve adaptor, quick valve adaptors,
LED lights, easy to read display, and preset buttons.

Did I say easy the Kobalt Power Inflator is easy to use? Just “set it and forget it” by using the arrow keys to dial up the PSI you need, then hit the run button. The unit automatically shuts off when the desired PSI is reached. The Kobalt Power Inflator takes all the guesswork out of car tire inflation. Of course, you just inflate manually by hitting the run button.

What I find most endearing about the Kobalt Power Inflator Model #KLDP1 is that the unit runs fairly quietly with little vibration. It doesn’t labor or strain, or vibrate hard all over my concrete garage floor like the Husky. I added 5-8 PSIs on all tires on 2 cars and 2 motorcycles in less than 10 minutes and the Kobalt inflator barely got warm.

If I’m leary of anything regarding this Kobalt Power Inflator Review, it’s that I’m worried I’ll, like I did with the Husky inflator, have an air house leak due to even light wear and tear. The Husky unit did not let me order a replacement hose. I’m hoping if my air hose goes on this inflator that Kobalt can replace send me a new one a relatively low cost.

Kobalt Power Inflator Review Grade – 4.5 out of 5 stars

For more info on Kobalt Power Inflator Model #KLDP1, visit KobaltTools.com or call

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