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Lake Orion Pumpkin Launch

Lake Orion Pumpkin Launch – Review and video of the 2010 Lake Orion Pumpkin Launch held at Orion Oaks County Park. 

The 2012 Lake Orion Pumpkin Launch will be held on Saturday, October 6th at Orion Oaks County Park at 11a.

Below is review and video of the 2010 Lake Orion Pumpkin Launch held at Orion Oaks Park.

[vsw id=”AVsu0jZ14dQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

What I thought was going to be some makeshift giant slingshots shooting pumpkins, turned out to be Michigan’s largest pumpkin launching contest using locally-made trebuchets to yield record breaking numbers.

To say the competitors of this event took the competition seriously would be an understatement. The record from last year was 850 feet, and there was assurance from one of the teams that the record would be broken.

The four teams competing were Cranbrook Institute of Science, Oakland Ballistics, Flinging Mayhem, and Masters of Mayhem. There were three chances for each team to get their farthest launch. Every launch was exciting to watch. Most of the attempts averaged around 300 feet. But, one team – Masters of Mayhem – went far beyond that with every attempt. Their first launch reached 900 feet, setting a new record but not quite making the 1000 ft promise. Their second launch astonished all as the pumpkin was barely visible as it traveled a whopping 1,184 feet. The third try was also impressive at 1,161 feet.

The event promoted physics, science and engineering, and brought something fun and different to the community.

The Lake Orion Pumpkin Launch is free for spectators with an annual vehicle permit, or $5/vehicle for park entry. Teams bring hone-built trebuchets to launch pumpkins. Two Divisions: Open and Junior (ages 15 and under) will compete for prizes and trophies. The event will consist of measured-competition launches, free-style launching, and the opportunity for spectators to see the machines up close and ask questions. The Pumpkin Launch is a great event for all ages!

Orion Oaks County Park
2301 W. Clarkston Road
Lake Orion, Michigan

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