Laptop Key Replacement Solution

Laptop Key Replacement Solution – How do you replace a laptop key that is broken. I found a cheap solution where you can get a new key for about $7.

Maybe it’s happened to you – whether your toddler picked off your laptop keys one by one for fun, or you bumped a key funny and knocked it off, or like me, you tripped on your cord, knocked your laptop to the floor and discovered that a key broke off in the process. (Oh how I missed the letter “S”! Why couldn’t it have been the “X” key?) Whatever the scenario, there’s a solution, and it’s much easier than shipping your computer off to the repair shop for two weeks for an entire keyboard replacement (such was my option with my Best Buy warranty).


There’s the laptop key replacement option. You can order a new key, it comes with all the components, and you can snap it into place and it’s like new again.

She sells seashells by the seashore.

Yes, I can type as many “S”‘s as I’d like now! And, the replacement key costs only about $7.

Here’s the link to the laptop key replacement website I ordered from – James was very helpful and knowledgeable.

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