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Laser Teeth Whitening – Review & Pics – Dr Kosinski DDS

Laser Teeth Whitening Review – Dr. Kosinski DDS – Oakland County Dentist Dr. Kosinski’s Laser Teeth Whitening Treatments Using Biolase ezlase Laser Whitening techniques.

Dr. Kosinski is an expert dentist, and does many lectures and teachings on innovative procedures. One of his specialties is dental implants, but I was also intrigued by his Biolase laser tooth whitening treatment which claims to be more effective and less sensitive than other bleach whitening treatments such as Zoom.

My husband decided to visit Dr. Kosinski at his Bingham Farms, Michigan office for a thorough cleaning of his long-neglected teeth and a smile tune-up using Biolase ezlase Laser teeth whitening.

The laser tooth bleach whitening process at Dr. Kosinski’s office takes about an hour. And, if you’re wondering what happens during that hour, I’ve outlined it below.

  • The technician blocks out the gums so the bleach doesn’t get onto the gums. This part actually takes the longest.
  • The tech does a match up before-hand with teeth samples to show progress after the whitening is complete.
  • The patient is asked to smile to see how far back to apply the bleach whitener.
  • The bleach is applied with a syringe. The laser is attracted to dark pigmented colors. The bleach is purple so the laser is attracted to this dark color.
  • The laser is used for 28-30 seconds at each spot. The laser amplifies the tooth whitening process and opens the tubules (which is more effective than just the bleach alone). With Biolase Laser tooth whitening, you get to use less bleach; there is less room for error and less chances for bleaching the gums.
  • The technician vacuums the bleach off the teeth and repeats the process.
  • Then, one final vacuum and a rinse and the Biolase laser bleach whitening is done.

After the laser teeth whitening process is complete, you need to watch what you eat for about the next 24 hours until the tubules on the teeth close up. Basically, you need to avoid ‘staining foods’ by avoiding anything that would stain a white t-shirt.

There’s a chance you may get some sensitivity from the laser teeth whitening, but it’s not extreme. The chances of teeth sensitivity are far lower with the Biolase laser whitening treatment than with a traditional professional bleach tooth whitening process.

Results: My husband’s teeth were much whiter and brighter than before the Biolase laser whitening treatment, and he felt only a slight sensitivity for a short time after the whitening procedure. You can really see the difference in the before and after pics in this article. The Laser Whitening System at Dr. Kosinski erased years of green tea and coffee stains quickly and painlessly. He was amazed at both the results and the procedure itself.

The Laser Teeth Whitening at Dr. Kosinski’s office runs $299 and is done quicker than a Zoom teeth whitening procedure. This is the most popular elective procedure at Dr. Kosinski’s office. They see a lot of people coming in for the laser tooth whitening.

I was very impressed by Dr. Kosinski and his staff. Everyone takes pride in providing the highest customer service. They are very accommodating and comforting – especially if someone is nervous.


Dr. Kosinski DDS
31000 Telegraph Road, Suite 170
Bingham Farms
(248) 646-8651

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