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Leapster Cartridges Are Kid Tough

Leapster Cartridges Are Kid Tough – My daughter’s Leapster cartridge survived a trip through the washing machine. Let’s start this off with the well-known and annoying phrase, “Please don’t try this at home.”

My daughter was looking for one of her Leapster cartridges yesterday.  We keep them all in a ziploc bag, so it was strange that we could not find it. We checked the couch cushions, under the furniture, in the Leapster (you never know:), and we could not find it anywhere!

We gave up and figured it would show up on its own sooner or later. And it did.

I was doing some housework and cleaning, and I heard the dryer go off.  When I went to empty it, low and behold, there was the Leapster cartridge!  This little cartridge went through the wash, and a full cycle in the dryer!  I asked my daughter to put it in her Leapster and test it out.  She did, and it worked!  The mystery remains on how the cartridge got there in the first place.  Both of my kids deny putting it in their pockets. But, we’re just happy we found it and it works! Leapster cartridges are kids tough!

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