Little Children – Big Messes

Little Children – Big Messes – What’s the biggest mess you’ve ever had to clean up after your kids? My top 3 biggest messes in parenting (so far)

Little children can mean big messes! There’s no doubt that having kids in the household escalates the mess factor a hundred fold. I find myself picking up things constantly as I walk around the house. But, that’s simple and inconsequential compared to some of the BIG messes I’ve encountered as a mom. The big messes are the ones where you stand back with your jaw dropped for a few moments, wishing you had a team of moms working together to come up with the best way to clean up what you’re looking at. We’ve all been there.

I’m not the mom of the kids who dumped a 5lb bag of flour all over the place (and I still say that was staged for publicity), but I’ve seen my fair share.


Little Children – Big Messes

Little Children – Big Messes #1 – The first one I’m going to share is one that is not for the weak stomach. This goes back to when my kids were very little… so little that they were still taking their baths together, but not too little for me to step away for a few moments. When I returned to the bathroom to continue their bathtime one day, I was “welcomed” by the strong odor of (I’ll put it politely) feces in a steam room. I immediately ordered everyone out of the tub and just as I had dreaded, there was a large, soggy piece of poop in the tub soaking in the water and becoming more mushy by the second. The smell was so incredibly strong, I had to open the window in the dead of winter. There are probably 10 different ways to clean up that mess, and none of them were easy and quick. I can’t even recall how I cleaned it up, as I have put it out of my head for the sake of sanity.

Little Children – Big Messes #2 – Along these same lines, I can think of a similar scenario that comes to mind. It revolves around the bewildering reality that kids can puke and crap their pants in their sleep without even waking up! And, it comes to everyone’s surprise. I did not even know my son was sick one night when he went to bed. My husband and I were watching TV and heard some odd noises coming from my son’s room. My motherly bionic woman hearing kicked in and I began to quickly decipher what was going on. I ran to my son’s room and found him laying down asleep… each heave of massive puking was paired with forceful and projectile diarrhea, both of which littered his bed as well as my white carpet as I tried to rush him to the bathroom.

Little Children – Big Messes #3 – This last one from my side is far easier to stomach. My daughter loves Perler beads – the round hollow beads you place on the plastic templates and then iron them to melt it together into your creation. We had just purchased a bucket of 10,000 beads. As she was disobediently practicing her gymnastics moves in the family room, she accidentally stepped on the edge of the bucket as she was coming down from a flip and flung the bucket through the air, spreading 10,000 Perler beads everywhere. Needless to say, I stepped back from this one with a chuckle and said “Have fun cleaning that up!”

The worst kids mess I know of comes courtesy of my husband’s friend, Doug. Doug had a similar poop-in-the-tub incident happen with his daughter. Doug tried to be a brave soldier and drain the tub to begin the cleanup duty. Somewhere in the process and unbeknownst to Doug, his still naked daughter managed to step in the mess and began to parade around his entire house with the soiled footprints of the tub do do. Thanks to the footprints, she was easy to track down but not before her feet seemed to find every square foot of carpeting in the living room and hallways.

So… What’s the Biggest Mess You’ve Had to Clean Up as a Mom? Little Children – Big Messes!

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