Littlest Pet Shop Board Game Review

Littlest Pet Shop Board Game Review – review of the Littlest Pet Shop board game including rules, and how to play. My daughter got a Target gift card for her birthday so we went shopping the other day.  She picked out the Littlest Pet Shop Hideaway Haven board game for $15.99.  I wondered if it would be ok since she just turned 5 and the game is for 6+. The age issue is definitely not a problem. We even have a neighbor friend who is four and enjoyed the game and understood it well.

Overall, the game is very fun for the kids.  The basic concept  and rules of Littlest Pet Shop board game is that each person has a home card with four different LPS characters on there.  You need to find each character that is a match on your card, and the first person to get all four wins.  The board is divided into quadrants and each player will have to match one of their characters in each quadrant.

My daughter loves Littlest Pet Shop board game.  She loves that it comes with four Littlest Pet Shop pets. She loves the concept and gets so excited when she finds one of her Littlest Pet Shop pets.  My son likes the game as well and he is seven.  Friends that have come over have been able to learn the game quickly and play it as a group.  It’s nice to see how well they get along while playing this game.


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