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Lock Golf Academy Lessons for Kids Review

Lock Golf Academy golf lessons for kids review and video. Dan Lock of Lock Golf Academy provides golf lessons for kids in Oakland County MI. The academy is based in South Lyon at Cattails Golf Club.

Years ago, I signed my then 7-year old son, Jayson, up for golf lessons. We were so excited since we had never tried golf with him yet. We got him his own set of clubs and headed out to his first lesson. Our lessons were a huge disappointment that I even wrote about it. Dan Lock of Lock Golf Academy read my article and contacted me. Dan offered 4 youth golf lessons at Lock Golf Academy for a review.

Lock Golf Academy Golf Lessons for Kids

Session One
Today was Jayson’s first lesson with Dan of Lock Golf Academy. Typically, when I sign my kids up for classes, I always hope the instructor has a way with kids. For instance, when my son went to Lions Youth Football camp this summer, the coach had a typical football coach personality, but with a friendly kid twist. So, the kids definitely respected him and followed his every word instead of cowering from his loud, stern voice. It was very effective.

[vsw id=”O81N_elVnDQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

It’s quickly apparent that Dan has worked with kids. He was kind, patient, guiding and professional. He would correct when needed, but also compliment when deserving.

I also liked Dan’s method of providing visual examples to help kids understand the golf methods. For example, Dan was explaining how Jayson should place his right thumb on the club and he told him to point it to 10 o’clock. Rather than just saying do it this way, he gave Jayson something easy to remember. Another easy visual was to use golf clubs placed on the grass to show how to stand parallel and be facing the right direction for your target. And yet another was his comparison of the Earth to the golf ball – both have an equator, and with the golf ball, you want to get your club below the equator when hitting the ball. All of these examples help the kids understand, as well as remember.

The video above shows a portion of the lessons and how Dan instructs. I will follow up with a recap of the next few lessons, as well as provide additional video to show Jayson’s improvement.

Session Two
Jayson had his second lesson with Dan. I could see some improvement and Dan provided further instruction and some fine tuning of some of the skills taught. The video below shows some footage of the lesson. (Trust me, it’s only a small portion of what Dan provides.) At the end, you will see my 6-year old daughter jump in for her very first attempt at golf. Dan did a great job with her as well. He has a ton of patience and is great with kids!

[vsw id=”AKji5Tuuw5Q” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Session Three
After two weeks off, Jayson returned for a third youth golf lesson with Dan. We practiced as much as possible during the off weeks. This session focused on correcting some of Jayson’s bad habits. Dan pin-pointed specific movements that Jayson was doing habitually with every swing and worked with him to correct it. It amazes me what goes into just one golf swing. There is so much to concentrate on and perform accurately in order for you to get a good end result. There is definite improvement noted with Jayson’s skill level this week. He’s looking forward to another golf lesson next weekend.

[vsw id=”qvWCdhf5t4E” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Session Four
Jayson had two weeks off from golf lessons, but during his off week, he fit in some golf at a par 3 for the first time to practice his new skills. We met up with Dan for our fourth lesson just recently and Jayson did his best ever. Dan had Jayson learn how to move from one club to the next, and recall the specifics needed for each. We could see the definite improvement in all the skills Dan taught. Jayson had more of natural movement about him, vs seeming awkward or robotic. And, he definitely had more consistency with his shots. It was nice to watch him hit several decent shots. Although the season is getting colder quickly, we hope to fit in at least one more trip to the par 3 before the season ends.

[vsw id=”bUBCw7M2juE” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Lock Golf Academy Golf Lessons for Kids at Cattails Golf Club
Dan Lock 248-274-6533


Cattails Golf Club
57737 9 Mile Rd
South Lyon, MI 48178

Lock Golf Academy provides professional golf lessons for kids AND adults.

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