Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety Class Review

Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety Class Review – Macomb Community College holds motorcycle safety classes at its south campus in Warren MI from March through October. The classes run $50 and include classroom time as well as several hours of drive time on the campus’ large parking lots. Motorcycles are provided for Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety Class, mostly Honda and Yamaha 250cc bikes.

I signed up for the weekend Basic Motorcycle Safety course. It consisted of a Friday night lecture (5:45p – 9:55p), an all-day Saturday range course (7:30a – 6:00p), and a Sunday road test and written test (10a – 12:30p).

NOTE – a couple things have changed since my initial review of this course in 2014. 1 – The price has jumped from $25 to $50 but still an incredible bargain. 2 – There is now an online 3-hour course you must take prior to the Friday classroom session. The rest of the course is very similar and i hope you find this review helpful!

Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety Class Review

I went into the Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety class with nothing to lose. I already have my CY license. I just wanted a lot more drive time and review. I ended up getting way more. I left with a much greater understanding of riding, safety, and completely improved upon my skills. Yes, I’m a true beginner, so I had a lot to learn, but I was impressed by how much I could learn in one weekend. NOTE – Michigan laws have changed since my 2014 review of this course – you can no longer get your CY license from a 3rd party without a course. So, for $50, this course is an incredible bargain because, upon completion, you will receive BOTH a riding and written test WAIVER from the Secretary of State. In other words, this is now the CHEAPEST and pretty much ONLY way to get your license in 2018.

The Friday night motorcycle safety lecture was a thorough lesson on motorcycle riding and safety. The class participated in groups to answer and discuss 120 questions about riding and safety. These questions supported what we did in the riding skills sessions, and they also made up the written exam we took on Sunday.

Saturday’s riding sessions were intense. There are about 10-12 students in each group. Everyone gets their own motorcycle which is provided, so you don’t need to bring your own. The riding session takes up an entire lot. There are two instructors for each group and they set up obstacles that start with the basics and gradually increase to developing more skills, e.g. weaving, u-turns, sudden stops, figure 8’s and more. This part of the course is draining. Be sure to hydrate in the hot weather, eat well, and get plenty of rest. You will need to keep your focus and be ready to learn all day – in ANY weather. You will ride for three 2-hour session. Even though we never got above 2nd gear, I felt this part of the class was an incredible lesson that taught me a lot and will help me as I venture out on the roads.

Did I say intense? If your Saturday session starts at 8a, you’ll be on that motorcycle by 8:05a – even if you’ve never ridden a bike before. The individual riding skill lessons progress VERY quickly. If you’re struggling with it early, it’s going to be a long day as they ramp up the difficulty. Unless you have copious experience riding, you’ll likely find Saturday lessons very challenging as many in my group were tempted to quit. The instructors at Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety Class do a great job helping you keep your wits during the many new challenges. 3, 2-hour sessions means you’ll have plenty of break time but it’s NOT a truly relaxing rest period. This time is usually spent cramming for the written material you learned Friday evening in preparation for Sunday’s written test.

Sunday is test day. The day begins with a review of the skills to be tested. Next is the road test which takes about 40 minutes. Whether or not you pass the road test, the next step is the 50-question written exam. If you pass both of these components (road test and written exam), in order to be officially certified, you still need to pass the written test at the Secretary of State. I found the testing, thankfully, fairly lenient and a large portion of my classmates passed.

The Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety Class instructors from our group were great – strict and firm, yet patient, helpful and encouraging. The skills move at a pretty fast pace and can be quite overwhelming for the beginner rider. Everything is very specific so you have to be alert and ready to follow direction. The Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety instructors did what they could to keep us from getting completely discouraged and walking away.

LisaLaGrouMotorcycleCompared to how I initially achieved my CY license, this was a night and day scenario. I originally studied for the exam for the Secretary of State, and took a scooter riding test through a third-party business for $40. I was certified in a matter of hours. The Macomb Community College motorcycle safety course was definitely more of what I needed to be a more experienced rider, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to take this course for such a reasonable fee. NOTE – Again, in 2014 this was allowed. Now you’re no longer allowed to acquire your CY license this way.

The Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety Class has classes for beginners, intermediate, and even advanced. If you’ve NEVER ridden before, even the beginner class will be difficult. My husband, who took the class last year, likens it to taking a college Spanish course. I.E. If you have 1-2 years of high school Spanish, college Spanish is easy to learn. If you have zero experience speaking Spanish, you’re going to have a very hard time keeping up in class with those who do. In case you’re wondering, there were plenty of ladies in addition to me taking this class. I guess I’m not the only “motorcycle mama” in training.

From Mid-Life Crisis to Motorcycle Mama

My motorcycle class was well worth the $. Just be prepared to make an all-weekend commitment. It’s a grueling weekend, but probably the fastest (and cheapest) way to getting your CY license.

You can register for the Macomb Community College Motorcycle Safety Class here.