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Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce Reviews

Reviews of Michael Anthony’s Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce, Mad Anthony’s Original BBQ Sauce, Mad Anthony’s Fiery Mustard Sauce. Includes ingredients, taste comparisons, and some recipes in related posts that would be ideal for each sauce or mustard.

Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce Reviews

As a huge Van Halen (and Chickenfoot) fan, I’ve been hearing about Michael Anthony’s hot sauces for years. I finally purchased some from his website to try and none of the 3 I’ve tried have disappointed me so far. Michael Anthony’s website offers a 3-pack of sauces for a special price that includes Fiery Mustard, Hot Sauce and XXX Hot. I’ve heard “Fair Warning” about how hot his sauces are and decided to get 3 bottles ala carte to avoid the XXX Hot (for now) – I picked up Mad Anthony’s Original BBQ, Mad
Anthony’s Hot Sauce, and Mad Anthony’s Fiery Mustard Sauce.

Michael Anthony recently switched to a new manufacturer and distributor for his hot sauce line allowing for more affordability and wider distribution. Not sure if they’ll make their way to Michigan… but I’m hopeful.

Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce Reviews – Mad Anthony’s Fiery Mustard Sauce Review
Dubbed as “Hot Lava In A Bottle” it combines great aspects of traditional Georgia mustard-style BBQ taste with some fairly serious heat. My wife was blown away that there are no high-fructose syrups and all the ingredients are natural, I was blown away by the taste. As a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings Spicy Garlic, this mustard puts it to shame. Fiery Mustard pours thick and a little goes a long way when you’re mixing hot wings in it (because of thickness AND the heat). I’d recommend it on any food you’d put regular
mustard on (sandwiches, sausages, hot dogs, burgers) and yes, even wings! Mad Anthony’s Fiery Mustard Sauce Ingredients include Organic Mustard, Garlic, Ancho Chili, and Habanero Chili Powders, and Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce.

Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce Reviews – Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce
Again, I knew going in this was going to hot and it sure delivered. I can only imagine how hot the XXX Hot is! When I go to an authentic Mexican restaurant, I gravitate toward the hottest sauces for my chips and salsa order. I thought the heat of this sauce wouldn’t surprise me because of that – I was wrong! It’s VERY spicy but quite enjoyable. Definitely thicker than Frank’s, Sriracha, and Cholula hot sauces and have more flavor in my opinion. I appreciate that the heat is even and not just ridiculously “hot for the sake of being ridiculously hot”. Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce Ingredients include Pimentos, Distilled Vinegar, Sweet Red Peppers, Haberno Peppers, and Roasted Garlic.

Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce Reviews – Mad Anthony’s Original Style BBQ Sauce
This is a traditional Tomato-based & Vinegar-Based sauce combo. It’s very sweet and zesty but unlike most “sweet” sauces, this one has a spicy kick in the end. First comes the sweet, then there’s the perfect amount of heat. The perfect amount of molasses helps it mix well with anything you could put on a grill. Again, ALL-NATURAL Ingredients are included here. Mad Anthony’s Original Style BBQ Sauce Ingredients Include (I’m including the non-traditional ones here) – Apple Cider Vinegar, Fig Concentrate, Sea Salt, and natural Hickory Seasoning.

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Listed below is some recipes you can try these sauces from these Mad Anthony’s Hot Sauce Reviews.

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