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Mad Gab Game Review

Mad Gab game review – Mad Gab by Mattel is a game that can be played with 2 to 12 players, and for anyone ages 10+. It’s a simple game that takes mere minutes to learn.

The theme of Mad Gab is “It’s not what you say, it’s what you hear.” The main point of the game is to be able to decipher what someone is saying when it is re-written with different wording but similar sounds. For example, if you say “Anger Say Weigh” over and over again out loud, you will hopefully be able to decipher the true phase by realizing what you’re actually saying (and what they’re looking for on that game card) is “Anchors Away.”

Teams are put together to battle the game cards of unrelated words into real phrases before the timer runs out. The game comes with a timer to monitor each team’s time, as well as 150 game cards to be deciphered.

I played Mad Gab with my kids and it was entertaining and funny. It’s easy to laugh at yourself when there are funny words that you can’t attribute to a specific, more sensible phrase. And, it’s even more fun when you say the unrelated words out loud until you find yourself saying the actual phrase. We even put a twist on the game when there were only three of us playing… one person acted as the “coach” that reads the unrelated words and the two remaining players race to see who can decipher the phrase first. If we played according to the rules with only three players, it wasn’t as fun as it would probably be with a larger group.

Some of the Mad Gab game cards are difficult, so younger kids can get easily frustrated, especially if they have never heard the phrase before which makes it even more difficult to decipher when you don’t have the familiarty behind the puzzle.

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