Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills

Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills review, menu info, pics. Marconi’s Pizza is located in the old Fresco Pizza location on Walton Blvd across the street from Crittenton Hospital. Rochester Hills is the 2nd location for Marconi’s, their first location is in Bloomfield Hills. Expansion is on the horizon as Marconi’s is set to launch a Clawson location. in addition to their brick and mortar locations, Marconi’s has a food truck.

Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills Review

While the old Fresco’s location had minimal seating, this The Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills location is carryout only. I was impressed with the many specialty pizzas and immediately saw some likenesses with some of my other favorite Metro Detroit pizzas. Marconi’s offers Detroit Deep Dish (ala Jets Pizza or Buddy’s Pizza), Detroit Thin Crust, traditional hand-tossed round, or “Cracker Thin”. You can choose from flavored crusts (ala Hungry Howies), their special Marconi’s Crust, or plain. You can even choose from a variety of sauces (red, ranch, bbq, and extra virgin olive oil). Toppings are next. They feature the usual variety, including thick-cut pepperoni (ala Green Lantern Pizza or ala Georgio’s Pizza). You can also choose between a variety of non-traditional pizza toppings (ala MOD Pizza) – Marconi Peppers, spinach, basil… etc. Lastly, you can choose from over 10 specialty pizzas or “build your own”.

Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills Pics

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Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills menu also features several salads, breads, calzones, chicken wings, and gluten-free crust pizza.

For my visit to Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills, I was in a Jets Pizza mood so I ordered the deep dish Detroit style crust pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers. It didn’t disappoint. Appearance is where the comparisons from Jets to Marconi’s pizza ends. Marconi’s pizza tastes “lighter” (IE less greasy) than the dense Jets pizzas. Not “better”, not “worse”, just a lighter, less greasy pizza crust than Jets. I enjoy both pizzas equally, the crusts are just a preference thing. The toppings on my Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills were fresh. The thick-cut pepperoni is always a good thing but I enjoyed the pepperoni on Green Lantern pizzas a bit more.

Overall, Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills delivers a tremendous menu variety for a price that is right on par with Green Lantern and Jets. I’m looking forward to trying other varieties of their pizza and appreciate that there are so many choices.

Marconi’s Pizza 
1218 Walton Blvd
Rochester Hills, MI

Marconi’s Pizza Rochester Hills Hours

Sunday – 11:30a-9p
Mondays – Saturdays – 10:30a-10p

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