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Meijer mPerks Program Review

Meijer mPerks Program Review – Meijer mPerks is one of those rare shopping reward programs where I can say signing up is truly “worth it” – at least for me.

I’m not great at clipping coupons. Actually, I sometimes do, but I am not organized about it so they rarely get used. It’s just too time consuming to clip the coupons, find a good place for them so I don’t forget about them, shop specifically for those items, and remember to use the coupons. And, let’s say I actually take the time to go through all the steps… I most likely get to the store and realize I just switched purses that day and don’t have the coupons on me.

This is why I’m a perfect candidate for the Meijer mPerks program. Instead of paper clipped coupons, you can digitally clip them from your cell or computer, and they are stored on your account and accessed via your cell phone number at check in. So, I get on the website and I “shop” for coupons. I can do it by category, what’s “hot,” the newest, etc. I hit the clip button and the next time I shop and buy that item, the discount will automatically come off my bottom line. It’s so easy my nine-year old daughter does it for me. She even loves going through the automated check out line, punching in my cell number and four digit code, and watching the savings get deducted as she scans the items.

I know this is similar to the Kroger program, which I believe uses the scanner bar code customer perks card. I like the Meijer mPerks option better because I don’t have to remember to have anything on me. Even if I forget my cell phone, it still works. Plus, they periodically offer other deals aside from the typical coupon offers. For example, 5% off all your purchases, or $3 off a $15 purchase, etc. They also incorporate a personalized rewards program where you pick your reward, watch your progress, and then redeem the savings once you’ve reached the goal. Your progress is tracked and recorded at every shopping trip as you input your cell number at check out.

If you ever forget what you’ve clipped, you can simply go to the Meijer mPerks website and check out the clipped tab. It helps when shopping to make sure you’re not missing out on any of the deals. And, it sure beats sorting through a stack of loose paper coupons while trying to push a shopping cart.

I’ve even signed up for the mPerks text alerts so I can be notified when the special offers are taking place, so I don’t have to go to the website to check it out. I also opt to have the offers emailed to me.

So far, I have to say that Meijer has done a nice job with this. I’m usually not the type to be swayed to buy more at a specific store because of its savings program. I am the type that buys what I need and doesn’t always have the time to look through all the sales flyers. But with the mPerks program, I find myself buying more (even just to stock up), and also choosing to shop at Meijer instead of one of the many other options.

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