Metro Detroit Handyman Recommendation

Metro Detroit Handyman Recommendation – I have a recommendation for an awesome handyman who handles plumbing and electrical issues in Oakland County MI and Metro Detroit MI.

Again, I love to share the news of good help. With summer approaching, my husband and I turned on the water outside recently and the spicket was spraying water all over the place via a hefty leak. I had a plumber that I received as a recommendation through an OCM mom. Unfortunately, that plumber has been unavailable for side jobs recently.

A mom came to me with another Metro Detroit handyman recommendation. His name is Don. He is retired and spends his days now making house calls and fixing things. We called him over and he repaired our spicket, which required a lot of soldering, sweat, and reconfiguring the replacement parts so that the set up was much improved.

Don the handyman is very knowledgeable and his prices are extremely reasonable. I was thrilled to find out that he also does electrical work, and he has contacts that he works with for other projects such as roofing, furnace, A/C, etc. I have a feeling I’ll be calling on Don to do all the fixer-uppers around the house that we have not had time to get to ourselves.

He also does sprinkler system start ups and shut downs and warranties his work. He is based in Macomb County but has no problems traveling to Oakland County. I’ve been using Don as our handyman for years now (this article was originally written in 2011), and I’m happy to feature him as an official Oakland County Moms Metro Detroit Handyman Recommendation!

Don’s number is 586-268-7229. He resides in Warren, Michigan. Do you have a Metro Detroit handyman recommendation?

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