Michigan Special Education Mediation Program

Oakland Mediation Center in Bloomfield Hills MI offers the Michigan Special Education Mediation Program (MESMP) services to help parents of special needs children in Oakland County and Metro Detroit, Michigan.

The Michigan Special Education Mediation Program, or MSEMP, is a free, federally-funded initiative designed to act as a conduit to schools to mediate concerns parents may have with schools regarding the health and well-being of children with mental or physical impairments. The MSEMP provides trained facilitators and mediators across the state at no charge. MSEMP mediation agreement rates average 80 percent, and customer satisfaction rates average more than 90 percent.

Oakland Mediation Center, or OMC, is a non-profit that has been providing mediation and education services to Oakland County residents for 25 years.

The federally-funded MSEMP is a Mandated Activities Project of the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education which has been serving Michigan parents and schools since 1997.

Through MSEMP, Oakland Mediatin Center offers for free to parents and schools the following services…


1 – Conflict Management in Special Education workshops: This is a four hour, highly interactive workshop that is designed to impart skills that help the IEP team effectively manage conflict prior to, during and after IEP meetings. Some of the topics covered include conflict management styles, active listening skills, identifying needs and interests, as well as helpful phrases and words. This workshop is appropriate for both parents and schools to attend. I attached a flyer for more information. This link will also provide additional details.

2 – MSEMP Presentations – OMC conducts informational presentations about MSEMP at a variety of meetings, conferences, and events.

3 – Mediation and Facilitation: OMC provides free mediation services regarding a specific special education concern as well as free facilitation services at an IEP, 504 meeting, or other Special Education meeting.

Oakland Mediation Center offers interactive private workshops for those involved with IEPs that specialize in conflict management in the special education system. They offer conflict management workshops designed to help IEP teams manage conflict prior to, during, and after IEP meetings.

Oakland Mediation Center – OMC
550 Hulet Drive, Suite 102
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
Phone – 248-338-4280 ext. 216
Website – www.mediation-omc.org

Michigan Special Education Mediation Program
516 S Creyts Rd Suite A
Lansing, MI 48917
Phone – 517-485-2274 or Toll-Free at 800-8RESOLVE
Website – www.msemp.cenmi.org

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