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Milford House Bar and Grill Review

Milford House Bar and Grill Review – review and menu info for Milford house Bar & Grill located on E Commerce St in Downtown Milford MI.

We’ve been looking forward to heading to Milford for months. One restaurant kept coming back to us when we asked many friends and readers which restaurant we should review when exploring Milford: The Milford House Bar and Grill. If you’re in or near Milford, you already know about it. If you’re not, you should consider going.

On the surface, Milford House Bar and Grill is a clean, spacious restaurant/bar. Nice, but nothing extremely unusual. While waiting for our food, we began to notice why Milford House is unique. “Look at the clientele, everybody is here” my husband said. He didn’t mean the whole town, he meant the types of people. Families, singles, couples, barflys, and adults dining with their parents were all enjoying their meals. It’s easy to see why Milford House Bar and Grill appealed to everyone. It’s family-friendly, has a great menu with affordable prices and caters to everyone.

We talked to the husband and wife owners of Milford House Bar and Grill, Perry and Kris, about the restaurant. The Milford House Bar and Grill property used to be an old ice-cream place they converted to a restaurant and bar. They wanted the place to “have everything” and it’s clear they were looking for the mass appeal my husband noticed. The Milford House Bar and Grill bar area is comfortable and has a nice brick and tile motif that features big-screen TVs. The restaurant area is spacious and looked like it could accomodate large groups. The front part of Milford House Bar and Grill has large windows that open up when the weather is nice. There is a large patio outside that seats up to 50 people. The patio is not just an outside eating experience, it’s canopy has flat-screen TVs and fans! The entire Milford House Bar and Grill bar area is smoke-free. Covering all of their bases, the owners also have an extensive catering menu, attached carry-out spot and a walk-up ice cream stand!

The Milford House food is very tasty and very affordable. Every entree is under $20.00 (most are under $12.00). The staples of the menu are specialty pizzas, pastas, chicken dishes, specialty sandwiches (Grinders) salads and BBQ. My Italian Grinder (a popular selection according to Perry) was awesome and I liked that it included nacho chips and salsa as opposed to potato chips. My husband enjoyed his pizza burger and said his steak fries were excellent. Kids have a wide range of choices at Milford House, too. The $5.95 Kids Menu includes: hamburger and fries, quesadilla and fries, chicken strips and fries, mini corn dogs and fries, buttered noodles and a pasta dish. In addition to the many menu staples, Perry seemed proud he could offer a very diverse choice of daily specials. On the day we dined, some of the daily Milford House Bar and Grill specials included: sauteed walleye, “roadhouse” style frog legs, Italian sausage Pomodoro, and beef stroganoff.

Milford House Bar and Grill
113 E. Commerce
Milford, Michigan

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