Million Dollar Pyramid Wii Review

Million Dollar Pyramid Wii Review – review of the Million Dollar Pyramid Wii video game, a video game take on the classic $25,000 pyramid.

I don’t review many video games as part of Oakland County Moms. I have reasons for reviewing the ones I do for the testimonial section though. Some of these games actually have decent educational qualities to them. Though clearly not designed with education in mind, Million Dollar Pyramid (along with other games like it) does have educational benefits.

My son received the similar game show adaption Family Feud for Wii for Christmas. I was surprised that the video game had some redeeming educational benefits. In addition to using the Wii motion controller to spell out answers, Family Feud Wii really ramped up his thought process and creativity in his bid to come up with popular answers to the survey questions. Some of these game show adaptations force creative thinking far more than other video games (and certainly more so than watching the shows on television). Since our family enjoyed Family Feud so much, we were eager to have my son try Pyramid.

Million Dollar Pyramid is one of the latest video game adaptations of a game show. Million Dollar Wii is the adaption of the 80’s Game Show $25,000 Pyramid. In Million Dollar Pyramid Wii, players attempt to guess a series of words of phrases based on descriptions given to them by their teammates. The game stays pretty faithful to its TV game show roots.

TV Game Show video games are not only interactive, they promote turn-taking and a dedicated thought process in trying to answer the show’s categories correctly. In that way, Pyramid is certainly like Family Feud as far as possible educational benefits go. I’m not talking about rocket science or scholastic education, but there is a certain “common sense” thought process that can be learned through games like Million Dollar Pyramid and Family Feud. I’ll admit that specifically designed educational video games like Big Brain Academy and Brain Age games fire up the brainpower a little more than Pyramid or Family Feud but there are some creative learning educational benefits with the game show video games. I hope this Million Dollar Pyramid Wii review is helpful.

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