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MLB Standings Board Project for Kids

MLB Standings Board Project for Kids – Make your own giant Major League Baseball standing board using the following items. This MLB Standings Board craft works great in any baseball fan’s room (or man cave).


My husband is notorious for reliving parts of his youth with our son and he remembered his glory youth days of owning an MLB Standings Board. With the smaller magnetic standings board from his childhood, he kept track of the Major League Baseball standings by checking the newspaper every day in the season and altered his MLB standings board magnets accordingly. He loved having his own board when he was a kid and set out to create a Do It Yourself Major League Baseball Standings board for our son using the MLB mini pennants, some creativity and some help from JoAnn Fabrics.

MLB Standings Board – DIY Craft Items

  • MLB mini felt pennants (you can find then on
  • 4, 20×30 “foam core” boards (2 red for the American League and 2 blue for the National League)
  • 100 inches of velcro
  • Velcro hangers
  • 2-3 sets of letter stickers (You’ll need 7 A’s, 8 L’s and 5 N’s).
  • box cutter or exacto knife
  • t-square or yardstick

About the supplies… We scored everything we needed for the project (minus the MLB felt pennants) at JoAnn Fabrics. The letter stickers are in the scrapbooking section of the store, the foam core boards are easy to find and buying the velcro in a large roll was convenient because they can cut as many inches or yards as you want instead of buying several separate packages. I’m not sure of the exact location my son’s mini felt MLB pennants came from but you can find the exact same set we used online here.

MLB Standings Board Project for Kids Directions

  1. Cut 1 of your red foam core boards and 1 of your blue foam core boards exactly in half. This will allow for enough space for the 3 divisions in each league and have enough space vertically and horizontally for up to 6 pennants in the MLB Standings. It is the perfect amount of space to hold all the mini MLB pennants. Use a box cutter or an exacto knife or box cutter for the cuts. Be precise!
  2. Center and place the stickers to identify the divisions. Remember – The American League is red and the National League is blue. This should be very easy to center as the size of the pennants fits perfectly on the dimensions of your foam core.
  3. Cut and place 3 small sections of velcro backing for each team and place where each pennant will go. Use tiny sections of velcro backing and put them in the 3 corners the pennant will go. NOTE: You only need the BACKING of the Velcro. The felt of pennant sticks enough where you don’t need the other part. If you use the other part, it may be difficult to move the pennants and you could damage them.
  4. Place the MLB felt pennants where they are in the standings. Tell your son/daughter (or giddy husband) to be careful as the felt tips can become damaged if mishandled. Simply remove a pennant and tap the next one into place where the 3 corners of velcro backing are and they’ll stick well.
  5. Wash the wall surface the MLB Standings Board will go on with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.
  6. Place the foam core MLB Standings Board on the wall securely.

Voila! Our MLB Standings Board is pretty “no nonsense”. We could have dressed it up more or framed it but we were happy with how it came out and didn’t want to spend any more money. The pennants don’t fall off and the velcro backing is only on the board (not the pennants). This makes it easy to move pennants around without damaging them. The project has held up well over the years. The pics show the craft before MLB division realignment but it was easy to move the velcro pieces to the updated realignment and the standings board is still in use today.


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MLB Standings Board Project for Kids – Pics

My son is excited to follow the Major League Baseball standings even more closely and he loves the decoration of the giant MLB Standings Board in his room. Most importantly, MLB Standings Board Project for Kids is fun for adults too.

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