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Moose Athletics Baseball Camp Review

Moose Athletics Baseball Camp Rochester Hills MI review and info. Moose Athletics holds indoor and outdoor baseball training camps for small groups (10-12 max per session) at their location off Star Batt road in Rochester Hills Michigan.

Moose Athletics Baseball Camp Review

Moose Athletics Baseball Camp is run by Moose Athletics. John Musachio is the owner of Moose Athletics and comes with a reputable background of 12 years of some serious coaching skills. Musachio is the former baseball coach of Oakland University and Michigan State University. So, it goes without saying that he is highly qualified.

The Moose Athletics Baseball Camps staff other qualified coaches to work with these kids and improve their game. The staff is kind and works great with the kids by providing critical tips and training techniques in a very welcomed and effective manner. There’s not much quiet time at the Moose Athletics Baseball Camps because the coaching staff is constantly providing feedback and input… all of which is well-received and appreciated!

Each camp at Moose Athletics Baseball Camp focuses on a certain skill and is offered for the following age groups 6-9, 10-12, 13-15. The camps offered are Hitting and Defense, Pitching, and Spring Training. The best part is…aside from the Spring Training, the camps are available year round! So there’s no down time with your child’s training during the off season. The Moose Athletics Baseball Camps are a great opportunity to get ahead in the game.

My son tried out the Hitting and Defense Moose Athletics Baseball Camp. He is 14. The camps run one hour for six weeks. The boys were put through drills that broke down the basics of batting and defensive play. They put these skills into practice so they become second nature and can be put into play in a game setting without even thinking. The coaches explain that things may feel awkward until the movement is more practiced and the muscle memory takes effect.

We also attended the pitching camp. The coaching staff broke down the entire process into manageable steps and then practiced them, slowly stringing them together until they had each step perfected and the process reached a fluid movement that was the proper form. My son described this as using less effort than when he didn’t know the proper form. Basically, he’s throwing with more velocity because of the mechanics he’s learned, and it feels easier in the process.

At the end, Coach Musachio meets with the boys for a couple minutes to discuss the what’s and the why’s of what was learned. There’s also always a great moment when John teaches the boys that respect and manners go a long way, in addition to the skills. During the session, parents are welcomed to stay and watch.

Moose Athletics Indoor Training Center
1678 Star Batt Drive
Rochester Hills, MI 48309
Moose Athletics

For more info on Oakland Baseball Camps held by Moose Athletics Baseball Camp? Contact John Musachio at 517-410-3357 or

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