Motivating Kids for Back to School

Tips for motivating kids for Back to School – Getting ready to enter into a new grade was both exciting as well as uneasy. The start of a new school year brings on mixed feelings.

I will never forget being a kid and reaching the late summer month of August.  The biggest rush was riding my bike up to the school at the end of summer to find the teacher/classroom listings that were posted on the school entrance doors. As soon as my friends and I heard that the information was posted, we would race up to the school, jump off our bikes and run around the perimeter of the school until we found our grade.

The anticipation as we read through the lists to find our name was intense. Who would be my teacher? Would I be in the same class as my best friends? Would I be in a split grade class? What room would I be in?

I can’t quite explain why it was such a big deal, other than that here is the one single moment that pretty much dictated my situation for an entire school year. Either I was going to be thrilled, i.e. I got the best teacher in the whole school that is super nice and fun and all my best friends are in the same class, or I was going to be disappointed, i.e. I got the strictest teacher ever who gave out the worst grades and I was all alone because all my friends were in the nice teacher’s class.

My son’s school does things differently today, but the feelings are still there.  He is waiting for that letter to come in the mail that tells him who his teacher will be. Of course, after that, we will call all his friends to find out what teachers they have. This is my daughter’s first year as she is entering kindergarten, and she is also thrilled, even though she really doesn’t know what to expect, and she hasn’t made all the friendships my son has yet.

I love to keep my kids energized and motivated about school. Focusing on the excited component helps alleviate the uneasy triggers. I try to ride out the initial anticipation by participating in some back to school rituals.

Tips for motivating kids for Back to School

First, I take the kids school shopping with me. As much as this might be easier to do alone, they get the biggest kick out of picking their own lunch box, back pack, school supplies and clothes.

Second, I try to schedule some play dates with some of the kids from school that we have not seen in a while. I think this helps the transition of going back to school and being overwhelmed with seeing so many people that we have not seen all summer. It might even help the teachers out a bit.

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