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Motorcycle Mama Diaries 2

Motorcycle Mama Diaries 2 – It’s hard to believe I’ve only been riding my motorcycle for 3 months. It feels like it’s been a bigger part of my life than that short time frame.

Motorcycle Mama Diaries 2

Every time I sit on my bike and ride it, it puts me in the best mood. I never thought I would be one to buy, ride, and enjoy a motorcycle. Full credit goes to my husband for getting me into this. And, now, I’m all in… and for many reasons.

Riding a motorcyle beats driving a car any day. I don’t even care about my hair getting matted down underneath my helmet. It’s all about breathing in the fresh air, getting a full unblocked view of the scenery, smelling things like burning leaves and BBQ steaks, and mastering the art of driving one of these things – which is way more difficult than you’d think.

At this stage of my Motorcycle Mama adventure, I am finally more comfortable with my riding skills which makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Sure, I’ll always be cautious and a bit nervous about the drivers around me maybe not paying attention, but I’m definitely more experienced and relaxed.

Without sounding too arrogant, now that I’m more skilled I actually feel like a pretty cool motorcylce momma (unlike the amateur, motorcyle mama wanna-be I was previously). I ride with pride. I’d say the highlight of my short motorcycle “career” was while I was on a recent ride to the Oxford area. My husband and I were stopped at a light. I could hear a faint “Hi!” coming from another vehicle. I turned and saw a young girl in a mini van with her window down and her mom driving with a big smile on her face. I waved and said hi back to the girl and she replied with a big “Go Girl Power!” I was on top of the world.. thank you little girl, and right back atcha!

My husband and I have gone on some nice rides together. The motorcycles have now become something we share in and enjoy as a couple… kind of romantic if I could call it that. All in all, this has been a tremendous leap forward in my life and I look forward to more to come. It’s going to be a long winter without them!

Have you always wanted to be a Motorcycle Mama?

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