My Child Is Sick Book Review

My Child Is Sick Book Review – review and contest for the American Academy of Pediatrics book, My Child is Sick! by Barton D. Schmitt, MD, FAAP. An official release by the The American Academy of Pediatrics, My Child is Sick is a comprehensive guide for new moms.


Every mom wishes her baby could talk and tell her what’s wrong. Or, she could feel what her child is feeling because it’s hard to gauge when a child says she feels really sick. I know moms with four children who are still thrown a curve ball and don’t know what to do when their child is sick.

My Child Is Sick! by Barton D. Schmitt, MD, FAAP is a great book and perfect baby gift idea for new moms that can be used as a guide to help moms decide what to do when their child is sick. My Child is Sick! is an official release from the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) broken down into chapters of symptoms. Then, each chapter has three parts: Definition, When to Call Your Doctor, and Home Care Advice.

For example, let’s say your child complains of a stomach ache. Many of us have hemmed and hawed, should we or shouldn’t we pop for the office visit and take our child in to see the doctor. What if we end up finding out it was nothing and we could have taken care of it at home? We could have saved time, money, and kept our child safe from other viruses present at the doctor’s office.

My Child Is Sick! allows you to look up a condition and read through possible causes. When looking at the stomach ache section, you can try to determine the cause based on other symptoms, where the pain is located, etc. You will also find tips for finding a more appropriate topic if there could be a section of the book that is more suited to your child’s symptoms.

Then, you will find the list of times when to call your doctor, broken down by “call 911”, call your doctor “now,” and call your doctor within 24 hours. If none of these seems to apply, you will hopefully refer to the next section of the book which is home care advice. As an example, in this scenario, parents are told, among other things, to prepare for vomiting. Many small kids refer to nausea as a stomach ache.

I could go on and on. I received this book for review purposes about 2 weeks ago. I can say that I’ve already referenced it two times since getting it in the mail. I would have loved to have received a copy of this at my baby shower. It’s very useful. It was released just recently re-released in 2016 and updated from the original publishing date of 2011.

My Child is Sick! is available at bookstores everywhere,, and at, the official AAP website for parents. I hope you find this My Child is Sick book review helpful.

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