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My Mom is My Google

My Mom is My Google, A Mother’s Day tribute to my mom – My mother never ceases to amaze me. Whenever I have a question about something, I give her a call and she almost always has a solution. My mom is my Google. She’s in her early 70s but I find myself seeking her advice on parenting and mom how-tos more than I do on my favorite search engine.


My Mom is My Google

I call my mom every day, sometimes just to chat, and sometimes I walk away having learned something new.

For example, I called her one day to ask her if I could borrow her food dehydrator so I could dehydrate some carrots for my daughter’s guinea pig. She told me she got rid of the dehydrator years ago, but that I could dehydrate the carrots easily with my microwave. She was right!

There have also been endless moments where I’ve called my mom about one of the kids being sick and she’s offered up some helpful advice to have them feeling better.

Occasionally I will call my mom about some kind of gadget I need and she will quickly suggest how to create a contraption of my own that works better than anything I would have found in a store.

My mom has been a mom for 50 years now. When you think about the amount of knowledge she’s gathered along the way, it’s no surprise she so frequently has the answers. My mom is my Google!

When you hold a job, you learn a specific set of skills. When you’re a mom, you learn a little something about almost everything. Think about how much we “dabble” into several different scopes of professions.

When you look at all that moms do, most have learned a thing or two about how to

  • be an engineer (constructing the most confusing of toys)
  • doctor (we “diagnose” and treat and work closely with the docs)
  • chef (we’ve had to cook it all)
  • artist (quality drawing and craft time with the kids)
  • investigator (keep a look out for trouble and always know what’s going on even when you’re kids don’t realize it)
  • therapist (a shoulder to cry on)
  • accountant (maintaining the family budget)

Of course we aren’t as knowledgeable as the pros, but the day to day worldly experiences make up for a vast invaluable pool of knowledge.

I am going on year 15 as a mom. I can honestly say I have become an “expert” in certain areas and have already been able to share some of this knowledge with others. If I keep going at this pace, maybe I too can hope to be “Google” some day for my kids. We all have a Mother’s Day Tribute for our moms, no matter how big or small.

My Mom is my Google! Happy Mother’s Day!

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